Laura Yonish

Students' Guild Staff

A creative and enterprising team player

Name Laura Yonish
Position Fundraising Co-ordinator

The Students' Guild

Becoming an enterprising team player

As Fundraising Co-ordinator within the Students’ Guild, Laura is the main point-of-call for any students, including societies, who wish to learn more about fundraising and want to get involved with fundraising events, sponsorship and/or raising money for charity.

During her degree at the University of Exeter, Laura was able to develop her team skills within the Welcome Team and RAG as a student. “Being part of something that you enjoy as a passion often leads you into places that you would never even imagined you could go. Joining a society is a really strong way of pursuing something you’re interested in, and then realising that, actually, the transferable skills you create from that can turn into something beyond university.”

“Through volunteering and fundraising, I would say that teamwork is something that you have to be able to encompass… RAG and fundraising societies spend a lot of time working on events, volunteer management and project management in order to raise money for charity… You can’t do it by yourself… Team building is really important – it’s something that we focus on a lot – creating the team before you create the event… [Students are] able to understand their own role and how their role fits into a wider picture, and how they become dependent on other people in order to fulfil their own role description”

Active global citizenship

Being part of a society or a fundraising community often develops students’ awareness of global issues, especially within charity work. A raised awareness can then lead to students taking action within their immediate, or their wider, community. Laura describes active, global citizenship as “Taking an interest and engaging with the discussions and all of the activities that are going on around you: being able to understand the place that you are living in and what you’re experiencing.”

Active global citizenship in action

"… to realise and understand what was going on… in their local community and create a positive change from that…"