Hollie Campbell

Students' Guild Subject Chair

Becoming an efficient problem solver

Name Hollie Campbell
College Exeter University Medical School

Developing skills as a problem solver

As Subject Chair for Medicine, Hollie Campbell works with the SSLC to make sure that the voices of Exeter University Medical School students are being heard. As the school is based at St Luke’s campus, Hollie believes the SSLC is crucial in making sure that the communication between the Students’ Guild (based at Streatham campus) and Medical students is successful. “My role as subject chair is being the 'go-to person' for the SSLC… One of the main things I do is ensure we get lots of feedback from students. We are a new medical school and there's a big transition now from Peninsula Medical School to EUMS… because this is such a huge change, we need to make sure that the student views are heard; about the course, the curriculum, and the way in which we’re taught.”

Hollie has developed her critical thinking and problem solving skills through her role as Subject Chair, as she runs meetings, co-ordinates the SSLC reps and ensures that everyone’s views are represented. Hollie then follows-up with action to “make sure that the ideas and concerns of the students are addressed”. Hollie identifies that a key part of being a good problem solver is the ability to keep calm in situations where students might get frustrated with something that they want to change, to make sure that she can resolve the problem clearly and efficiently.

“Quite often, students want something about the course to be changed and there doesn't appear to be an alternative at the time... after talking through with staff and other students, we can find a compromise. The staff are very keen to get the views of students to help improve the course, so this makes things a lot easier for me and the other reps! Medicine is quite a rigid course and there are some elements that may not be so popular with students, but they absolutely have to be covered. We can change the way that the course is taught to make it more engaging for students, and this is what the reps and I have been trying to achieve. It's about trying to work towards a solution and being quite reasonable… change doesn’t happen fast.”

Hollie believes that the positive relationships between the students and staff in the SSLC ensures that the needs of the students are successfully being met. “With the SSLC, I feel like we’re all in it together… we seek the views of the reps in other years… we look towards the later years for help and advice.”