Jo Hornsey

Students' Guild Subject Chair

Becoming an efficient problem solver

Name Jo Hornsey
College College of Life and Environmental Sciences

Problem solving in the Student Staff Liaison Committee 

Jo Hornsey is a 3rd year Geography student, and is Subject Chair for her department. In her role, Jo organises the academic reps and chairs the Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) meetings. Jo also acts as an academic rep; “I work with the Guild… and make sure that the department [and the Guild] can communicate effectively.”

As Jo explains, “dealing with academic issues and student queries helps with problem solving as… you need to find the best ways to solve them…for the department and… for the student… The SSLC [acknowledges] that there is a link between students and staff. They’re not just there for us, and we’re not just there for them, we both support each other. This type of respect really helps in the [university] environment”.

Solving student queries

“It’s like a balancing act, making sure both ends are happy”