Joseph Slack

Students' Guild Subject Chair

Becoming an efficient problem solver

Name Joseph Slack
College College of Life and Environmental Sciences

Problem solving in the Student Staff Liaison Committee 

In the role of Biosciences Subject Chair, Joseph Slack frequently draws upon his skills as a problem solver, in order to handle student queries and make positive changes within his department. As he explains, "[students] can come to us; we’re a branch that they can use. If they’ve got problems, they can use that to get the most out of their time here.”

One of the positive changes Joseph has implemented as Subject Chair was his initiative to ensure all lectures were being recorded. "Some lecturers weren’t recording lectures and we got that changed for Biosciences to try and help students", so Joseph raised the matter with the Student Staff Liaison Committee (SSLC) in order to ensure consistency across modules.

Solving problems for positive change

“As a problem solver I’m… good at identifying what can be done and also calling upon all my resources.”