Rachel Canter

Senior Fellow SFHEA

Raising awareness of critical thinking

Name Rachel Canter
Email R.Canter@exeter.ac.uk
Position Education Advisor
Division Academic Services

Encouraging critical thinking

As an Education Advisor, Rachel plays an important role in supporting students to develop their skills as critical thinkers and problem solvers. Through offering lectures and workshops as well as a wealth of online resources, Rachel encourages students to adopt a critically reflective approach to their studies.

As Rachel explains: "It’s very important, I think, for me to be aware that students are coming from very different educational backgrounds and different cultures. They might have a different view of what critical thinking might be. Indeed they might be unsure about what critical thinking is. Also there are different representations of critical thinking in different disciplines and in different types of assessments, so my job alongside the academic staff is to help students think about that issue".

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"Students are coming from very different educational backgrounds"

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