Tian Gu

Students' Guild Subject Chair

Raising awareness of critical thinking

Name Tian Gu
College The Business School      

Developing skills as a problem solver

Accounting and Finance student, Tian Gu, uses her problem solving skills in a number of capacities. As a volunteer on the academic misconduct panel and the Subject Chair for Accounting and Finance, Tian is required to work collaboratively and co-operatively, to ensure that the problem is dealt with satisfactorily.

“My role... as Subject Chair is [to]... gather the students’ academic opinions to represent these opinions at the [Student Staff Liaison Committee] meeting… Subject Chairs work to liaise effectively between all the students… the faculty members and SABBs in the Students’ Guild, and our aim is to improve the students’ satisfaction rate of… their programmes”

The traffic light feedback system is a popular problem solving method on the Accounting and Finance SSLC, and as the Chair of the committee meetings, Tian often organises the implementation of the system. “After being a Subject Chair, I became more organised, because I know what steps to take to deal with issues… Also, I think [because] we can see the impact we made… we will take more initiative in the future and be more proactive”

Working as part of a team

"Liaising between... the two different parties means our communication skills… and team work skills will be polished". In her role as Subject Chair, Tian works closely with students and staff in a number of different team dynamics. Tian has been an influential team player in her sharing of the traffic light feedback system with other departments and disciplines; from this Tian gained constructive feedback on the system, and managed to persuade other disciplines to implement the system in their SSLCs. 

As Tian explains, “students are… most affected by whatever happens in the University, and they are in the best position to give more practical and constructive and feedback… it’s not a one way traffic, it’s a two way traffic”.  

Problem solving

"After being a Subject Chair... I know what steps to take to deal with issues."

Effective team player

“Working together matters a lot in the SSLC and the University I think”