Ben Street

Students' Guild Staff

Leader able to effect change

Name Ben Street
Position Vice-President in Education
Division The Students' Guild

Developing leadership skills

As the Subject Chair for Ancient History during his studies, Ben acquired the leadership skills that are crucial to his role as a Sabbatical Officer today. Ben’s experience of the leadership opportunities available to students at Exeter contributed to his decision to run for Vice-President in Education for the Students' Guild: "the two key skills I developed [as a student] was firstly, an interest in higher education, and a working relationship with staff and students…as a subject chair and representative, but also…just generally being involved in the student community".

Student leadership is an important attribute for graduates today, and there are many opportunities to develop this skill at Exeter: "Through our [Guild] Activities and Volunteering hub, if [students] want to go out and lead a volunteering project, we facilitate that. If they want to get involved in local schools and help out with the local community,  we make that happen. We’ve had all kinds of academic projects and leadership projects…take place, but more generally…I think [societies] are the key platform for students to become leaders".

Student leadership

"...students do need to be leaders...and prove they've shown initiative, so we do facilitate that and I think it is a real positive of studying here".

Student-led change

"Student-led change is incredibly important because we won't have change that actually helps students...if students aren't involved in that process".