Georgie Cox and Will Holmes

Students' Guild Subject Chairs

Leaders able to effect change

Name Georgie Cox and Will Holmes
College College of Humanities

Making changes with the SSLC

As Subject Chairs for English, third year students Will Holmes and Georgie Cox work with the SSLC to make positive changes for their course. They have worked together to ensure student feedback is effectively collected and acted upon, for example improving modules for both students and staff and giving better access to essential library resources for students.

Will and Georgie explain how they encourage students to give feedback, such as through the MACE forms and the National Student Survey (NSS), and how they then “make sure that all the students know [their feedback] has been listened to… Recently, this year, we made sure that all the staff members, who get their MACE feedback, then email their students and make sure that everyone knows how that’s being changed.”

As engaged leaders, Will and Georgie recognise the value of social media in terms of communication between students. As Will states, “we’ve got to make sure that we interact with the entire [student] community all the time… [so] we made sure that every single year group had its own Facebook page…”

Collaboration between students and staff

Georgie explains how the relationship between students and staff in the SSLC makes it easier for change to be implemented; “student feedback is so important to everyone, and I think being part of the SSLC has taught me that staff really do care about the feedback that students are providing them with.” She goes on to say that, at Exeter, “we’ve got a very cooperative attitude to how staff and students communicate, and it’s very inclusive.” For example, as Will explains, “if there are any problems, staff and students are on the same side… Recently, the extension of the teaching day was something that was a big discussion. Staff and students alike were both encouraging people to go to the meetings… [and] to take part in that.” Georgie and Will believe the SSLC is a vital part of the university's education system.

Leaders able to effect change through the SSLC

“Basically, you have to develop this strong sense of getting people together, working together to get things changed”