Monika Patel

A leader able to effect change

Name Monika Patel
College College of Engineering, Maths and Physical Sciences

Teamwork and enterprise in the Events Management module

Fourth year Physics student Monika Patel has developed her skills as an enterprising team player throughout her time at university. As Monika explains; “teamwork is important, because it helps you to develop good organisational and time management skills, and an awareness of other people’s needs”.

In The Business School's Events Management module, Monika and her peers were required to work in teams to create and pitch a large scale outdoor event. "At university I’ve been part of several teams; through societies, and as part of the Events Management module, which was particularly good because you’re put in a team with people that you don’t know that well and you have to work together to ensure you have a great project to present at the end of it. People often come in with different ideas and directions that they want the project to go in, so it’s important to make sure that your team mates are happy, and that everyone is working towards the same goal... Something I have learnt is that as long you are respectful of everyone’s ideas then you can make sure that people feel part of the team.”

Developing leadership skills through societies

Alongside her studies, Monika is also the President of Beats and Bass Society. “I think while you’re at university is the best time that you have to be involved in something and put yourself in a role that develops your leadership skills. During your time here there are so many opportunities to be in societies and take part in teams, so it’s a good idea to really take advantage of that in order to make the most of that opportunity".

Leading a society

“I think a good leader is someone who listens… can admit when they’re wrong, and definitely take on board advice”.