Beth Pendock and Charlie Dowden

Students' Green Unit Project Leaders

Active global citizenship

Name Beth Pendock and Charlie Dowden
Organiser The Students' Green Unit

Exemas Waste

Encouraging students to reflect on the amount of waste they produce, Beth Pendock and Charlie Dowdens' project, 'Exemas Waste', is just one example of how students at Exeter are bringing about positive, sustainable changes at the University.

Supported by the Students' Green Unit, Exemas Waste ran a series of events over the Christmas 2014 period, including a 'Sustainable Christmas Craft Fair', where over 70 students engaged with games put on by the team, such as counting the number of sprouts in a jar, in order to encourage students to be mindful of their waste and promote active global citizenship.

In addition, as part of Exemas Waste, students and staff alike across the University were also urged to bring their old Christmas cards to the team for recycling via the Marks and Spencer's Christmas card recycling scheme. Demonstrating a successful example of student-led change, over 1000 cards were recycled, which as Charlie explains, was "enough for the Woodland Trust to plant a new tree".

Exemas Waste

"We got 1000 [Christmas] cards [to recycle], so enough for the Woodland Trust to plant a tree".

Student-led change

"We wanted to do something that contributed to...the University environment".