David Mansell-Moullin

Students' Green Unit Project Leader

Active global citizenship

Name David Mansell-Moullin
College University of Exeter Business School

Climate Change thinking

Exeter is now a global hub for climate change thinking, with the Met Office, the One Planet MBA, the Students’ Green Unit within the Students’ Guild and a number of world-leading researchers working at the University of Exeter. Inspired by Exeter’s prominence in this field of research, David Mansell-Moullin, a One Planet MBA graduate, was eager to explore how the work of Exeter’s leading climate scientists could be communicated in clear and engaging ways. Drawing upon his background in photography and sustainability, the idea for the Face 2 Face exhibition was born:

“[Exeter]… has more authors involved in the latest Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Assessment Report than any other city in the world. The “Face 2 Face” exhibition aims to bring audiences into contact with these experts, putting a “face” to their research and work on climate change. Twelve of the leading Exeter IPCC authors are presented in a series of large-format black and white photographic portraits. Texts from the latest IPCC Report, which they have been involved in drafting, are superimposed on each face. The “Face 2 Face” exhibition has been planned to coincide with the launch of the IPCC Synthesis Report on 31 October 2014. In essence, the Face 2 Face project aims to raise awareness of climate change and the IPCC, as well as to celebrate Exeter as a centre for climate change thinking and research”.

Inspired to communicate climate change research through creative and engaging means, accessible to all, the Face 2 Face with Climate Change exhibition is a clear example of active, global citizenship by Exeter students. As David explains: “good global citizens need to contribute through their thoughts and actions and not just be passive bystanders”.

The Face 2 Face project was funded and supported by the Students’ Green Unit, a department within the Students’ Guild.  The Students’ Green Unit was developed by the Green Fund - a partnership of 26 student unions funded by HEFCE and supported by the National Union of Students.

For more information about Face 2 Face with Climate Change, access the Face 2 Face with Climate Change report.