Active global citizen

Name Jason Chang
College College of Social Sciences and International Studies 

Active global citizenship and cultural awareness

Second year Sociology student, Jason Chang, created and led a Students as Change Agent project; Global Exe. “Global Exe was inspired by a motivation to change something on campus… because we have got so many different cultures… we have to move towards integration, because then we actually get to know people, rather than just being separate entities.” Jason explains how language can sometimes become a barrier, and that constructive inter-cultural dialogue is essential within our educational environment.

Student-led change is paramount to becoming an engaged active citizen within your local community. “[Students as Change Agents] is so important because it actually empowers people in many different ways”, to bring a global perspective into our immediate communities. “There [are] always staff members to support you… [but] it’s more student-led.”

Global Exe involved an evening of discussion in the Lemon Grove on the 4th March 2015. Activities focused on cultural diversity, awareness, understanding and respect. The event also used Forum Theatre; a performance technique that allows the audience to interact and change the course of action in a scene. “I thought Forum Theatre was very much in touch with the realities of people on campus… it translates a message… to empower people to get on stage and say ‘Yeah, we can all make the change in our lives’.”

Becoming a creative team player

Although Jason founded and led the project, Global Exe also involved a core team of students within its organisation. Jason found that his team skills were improved throughout the project, such as building tolerance, understanding, communication and diplomatic discussion: “you should really collaborate and inspire change through dialogue and understanding.”

Jason believes teamwork is crucial to inspire student-led change and develop an active global community: “I see my participants growing and developing trust amongst each other, and actually getting to share sensitive issues about their lives. Then they get inspired by each other and come together to empower themselves and put on Forum Theatre. To me, I took lots of perspectives from them… It’s all about being global and inspiring change in yourself, so it’s always a multi-lateral process. That’s the most inspiring thing!”


“Global Exe has seen people [from diverse backgrounds]... united based on a common goal."

The impact of Global Exe

“[The feedback] told me that everyone... just wanted to get on stage to make a change..."