Jingqi Zhang

Students' Guild Subject Chair

Active global citizenship

Name Jingqi Zhang
College The Business School

Teamwork in the Student Staff Liaison Committee

As Subject Chair of Accounting and Finance, Jingqi works closely with the members of the Student Staff Liaison Committee to lead positive change. "It’s not always simply just students getting support from the University... the students are also trying to help the University to improve, so here we have the Student Staff Liaison Committee… It’s really the willingness of people trying to create a difference and trying to make the change that makes everything in this university exceptional.”

Promoting cultural awareness

"The thing that I love the most about Exeter", explains Jingqi, "is that it’s not just open to people from different backgrounds, [but] you can see that the University is really trying to integrate these cultures into University life." From the use of plain English in lectures, to the efforts made by students, and the efforts made by the Guild and the University to provide cultural experiences for students of all nationalities, students gain a fantastic insight into other cultures when studying at Exeter.

Teamwork in the SSLC

"It can be... difficult for an individual like me to hear from everyone".

Cultural awareness

"People from all over the world come to work and study in Exeter".