Kate Hawkins

Students' Guild Staff

Active global citizenship

Name Kate Hawkins
Email vpwelfare@exeterguild.com
Position Vice-President Welfare & Diversity
College The Students' Guild

#NeverOK Campaign

Kate Hawkins is the Vice-President in Welfare and Diversity for the Students' Guild, who along with Rachael Gillies, the Guild President, has played a vital role in developing and driving the #NeverOK campaign to promote the message that sexual harassment is never OK.

As Kate explains, "Making change at the University… really shaped me to be an active global citizen". Kate was inspired to run for the position of VP Welfare and Diversity after becoming a member of the Freshers' Week Welcome Team. "I think that role… of supporting students when arriving here at Exeter and integrating them into student life here is quite a key welfare role and I really, really enjoyed that. I wanted to push that further and also I’ve been quite engaged in campaigning for campaign societies in the Guild, I was President of the Oxfam society and just being engaged in that group and community of supporting others and was really, really useful for this role".



"...we wanted to see cultural change at this University".