Matthew Dearlove

Students' Green Unit Project Leaders

Active global citizenship

Name Matthew Dearlove
College University of Exeter Business School
Organiser The Students' Green Unit

Developing solutions to sustainability challenges

Matthew Dearlove was involved in the organisation and running of the student-led MBA One Planet Sustainability Challenge, supported by the Students' Green Unit, which aimed to develop solutions to the sustainability challenges that businesses are encountering today. The Students' Green Unit is part of the Students' Guild, and supports students in leading projects in sustainability.

As Matthew explains: "Sustainability… is the topic that’s come to the attention of many boards of businesses and it’s been incorporated into many Business Schools now and universities… We need to look into the future, if not for ourselves, then… for future generations to survive…Sustainability is key in order to keep the world surviving… It’s not just one thing, it’s about everybody getting involved and innovation is key because you are able to change and disrupt the current technology and the way businesses practice today". 

Teamwork amongst the students was crucial to make the Challenge a success. Each member played a crucial role, for example, creating contacts and maintaining communication with partners and sponsors, in order to ensure that they "were tailoring the Challenge to… the challenges they face in everyday business".

As Matthew explains, they "also had a wealth of resources at the University from the Geography department and… the Business School and the… [Students'] Green Unit… I mean, it’s unbelievable how many people there are and the resources available from the University".

One Planet Sustainability Challenge

"It was a great environment for...students to come together...we hope that it will carry on in future as sustainability is a global challenge"