Milly Hindle

Active global citizenship

Name Milly Hindle
College College of Humanities

Volunteering with the Welcome Team and RAG

Milly Hindle is a third year English Literature student, and throughout her time at University she has made sure to make the most of the opportunities available to her. In academic year 2014-15, Milly was a Welcome Team Senior within the Welcome Team and the Event Officer for RAG (Raise and Give). Milly strongly believes that students should get involved with volunteering opportunities such as these, as you can make an impact on your university environment and meet new people. “It’s also really great for your CV because of the kind of skills it gives you; time management, organisation, team work – it’s really, really good to develop these skills.”

A creative and enterprising team player in the Welcome Team

The Welcome Team involves current students volunteering to support new students as they move into Halls and settle into University life. Milly’s role as a Senior involved leading a team working with a specific Hall group; making sure that everyone was happy with their roles at the same time as supporting new students. As well as organisation skills, Milly’s team skills were developed within this role, as “you do have to recognise everyone’s weaknesses and strengths” and be willing to “challenge yourself” within the team. “It’s really lovely to work with a team [of people] who actually all want to be at their best all week.” As Milly and the rest of the Welcome Team often come across unexpected situations throughout Freshers’ week, “you do have to think quite creatively… we’ve had to think on our feet quite a lot.”

An active, global citizen with RAG

“RAG is a student fundraising group, and what we do is we have nominated charities each year, and we put on lots of different events to raise money for these charities.” Milly’s role was to oversee the team of event managers. Events are incredibly varied; from photography exhibitions to student balls, local challenge events to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. “RAG is a charity society that makes a massive impact; it’s really great to see how much money we can raise in a year and to then see what a difference that’s made. Last year, we supported Devon Freewheelers and with the money we raised for them, they were able to buy a new bike that they can use to bring blood to people who need it after road accidents. That was really great to see something really physical and tangible that we’ve been able to achieve.”

Becoming an active, global citizen with RAG

"It’s inevitable when you work with a charity that you do start to really think about the scale of different problems that are faced across the world."