OJ Freshwater

Students' Green Unit Co-ordinator

Active global citizenship

Name OJ Freshwater
Email O.Freshwater@exeter.ac.uk
Position Employability Co-ordinator
Division Students' Guild

Anyfin is Possible

As Employability Co-ordinator for the Students’ Green Unit, OJ and the team help students to organise and run a range of sustainability projects of varying lengths both at the University and in the wider community. As OJ points out, the Students' Green Unit is a great opportunity for students to make an impact on what matters to them, to share ideas and to make change happen.  

One such project is the 'Anyfin is Possible' initiative; a student-led project which sought to bring students' attention to the issue of overfishing, inspired after hearing in a lecture that 80% of all fish consumed in the UK originates from only five species. Demonstrating the qualities of active global citizenship, the two Biosciences students used a variety of techniques, including video and social media, to communicate the issue and encourage students to adopt more sustainable behaviours.

As OJ explains: “We’re all potential global citizens… it’s just the getting up and doing. The scale… is largely irrelevant… [what] we’re saying [in the Students’ Green Unit is] that if you do want to do come do a one-off event, and you do engage with 50 students that’s brilliant… that has an impact globally… It’s just [being] active… [and] making positive change”.

Think Outside the Bottle

In addition, OJ has also helped students with the Green Unit project, 'Think Outside the Bottle'. Showcasing the qualities of a critical thinker and problem solver, the students involved aimed to encourage students to reflect upon and reduce their waste of plastic water bottles.

Knowing that eliminating all plastic bottles would be unfeasible in the short term, using critical thinking and problem solving skills, the students worked with the Green Unit to create a range of re-usable water bottles for sale across the campus, to inspire students to change their behaviour in the longer term and demonstrates an other example of positive student-led change.

Anyfin is Possible

"[The students are]...constantly keen to go do things…you don’t have to push them, they’re pushing themselves”.

Think Outside the Bottle

"Our students are always...thinking of new ways [and] new directions for their projects to take".