Becky Webb

Active global citizenship

Name Rebecca Webb
Position Travel Plan Co-ordinator
College Campus Services

Promoting sustainable travel

As the University’s Travel Plan Co-ordinator, Rebecca plays a vital role in promoting sustainable travel among staff and students. As Rebecca explains, “my job is to implement our Sustainable Travel Plan, which is all about making it easier and more healthy for people… to access our campuses”.

It is through acts of engagement that Rebecca helps to promote active, global citizenship among Exeter's students and staff. “Travel is an enormous aspect of sustainability, it’s something everyone does in their day to day lives, whether in a small way, whether they walk to work, or whether they’re travelling internationally as part of research projects, and it’s one of those things that’s quite easy to tackle on a practical level”.

Whether through promoting projects such as the Cycle Scheme for University staff, which helps to fund the cost of a bicycle and accessories through a 12 month cost plan, or the discounted bus schemes for both students and staff, Rebecca plays a vital role in providing advice and support on the University's sustainable travel incentives.

Sustainable travel

"I think it's that transition point that's really key in educating [students] about sustainability".