Susannah Day

Active global citizenship

Name Susannah Day
Position Global Employability Consultant
College Academic Services

Providing international work placement opportunities to develop students' employability as active global citizens

As Global Employability Consultant, Susannah Day plays an important role in supporting "students [to] find and apply for international work experience, either as part of their degree or a summer internship, as well as helping graduates find work internationally". It is very important for students to engage with employability support throughout their degrees, and the university provides a range of events, activities and sessions to get involved with.

Susannah can see first-hand the benefits of undertaking international work placements for developing students' employability and transferable skills. These placements are not just about encouraging students to become more of an active global citizen during their time at university, but they are also about developing lifelong attributes, such as adaptability and open-mindedness.

As Susannah explains, international experiences can provide a number of intangible benefits, by challenging students to work outside of their comfort zone: "Challenge is important because if you don’t challenge yourself you’ll never know. There are many case studies written by students who have been outwardly mobile; they come back and they talk about all the… different things they do while they’re out there."

Value of international experiences

“It’s all about their personal development; it’s the intangible benefits”.