Tiwa Owoeye

Grand Challenges participant

Active global citizenship

Name Tiwa Owoeye
College INTO University of Exeter

Adapting to new situations with support from INTO

Tiwa Owoeye is studying a Diploma in Business, Economics and Management at INTO University of Exeter. From Nigeria, Tiwa has faced the challenge of moving to a new country and studying in a new educational environment. He has thrived in this situation, by getting involved with multiple societies and taking part in Grand Challenges. INTO has been invaluable with helping Tiwa to gain confidence, through supporting him and developing his understanding of writing, researching and referencing, through the English for undergraduate studies programme.

“I think it’s very vital that we all see what’s around… I’ve definitely educated myself… I’ve not just been in a box, having my own opinions. INTO is a really international organisation with people from different countries, different cultures, and different backgrounds, and that has really built my experience dealing with other people, and my intercultural awareness.”

Developing team-working skills

“The INTO programme has been really useful… especially the team-work… I had never gotten hands-on experience with group-work as intense… INTO has done a really good job in teaching me how to work with other people.”

Taking part in the Earth Tomorrow Grand Challenge, 2015, which tackles conservation and ethical tourism, Tiwa was able to develop his team skills further by working with people from different backgrounds and disciplines. Working at this interdisciplinary level, Tiwa was able to learn new skills that were brought to the team by other individuals.

Active global citizenship with Grand Challenges

Earth Tomorrow has educated Tiwa about sustainability, such as the poaching of rhinos, and unethical tourism. “Through the education and the knowledge I gained from Grand Challenges... professionals that had actually been to these places and worked in organisations that are involved in projects… gave us information on business and the environment… everything surrounding sustainability and animals… Most of them are related to Africa, because a lot of animals that are going extinct, and safaris, they’re in Africa. I think that’s going to be really helpful for me in the future when I go back home and try and help the situation.”

Developing team skills with Grand Challenges

"The whole Challenge itself is something that’s led by students…"