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Priority B: To Create an Internationally-Recognised, Market-Led Postgraduate Taught Portfolio

We will strengthen and broaden our postgraduate portfolio, in alignment with our internationally-recognised strengths, and substantially increase our attractiveness to postgraduate applicants from around the world by ensuring that programmes enhance international career prospects for programme graduates. Our objectives in this area are:

  1. Aligning programmes to employers’ needs and areas where we have credible international strength
    • Undertaking market research to identify employers’ needs, mapping to our areas of strength and directing programme design to focus on those needs.
  2. Embedding flexibility and choice into programme design to enable personalisation of students’ experience
    •  Building on the recognition that postgraduate students have increasingly focused requirements in relation to further study and intended outcomes;
    • Facilitating cross-college coordination to enable programme building blocks and streams to be used across multiple programmes.
  3. Designing programmes to meet the needs of prospective students wherever they are and however they wish to learn
    • Building on the recognition that students progressing directly from undergraduate study represent only a small proportion of prospective postgraduate students;
    • Designing programmes from start to finish that can use many of the same resources for delivery on-campus, online and in blended form;
    • Being flexible in meeting changing capacity of in-work learners to engage with programmes and design ‘bitesized’, unbundled models such as ‘micro-masters’ that enable non-linear progress and episodic engagement.
  4. Ensuring that programme design, content and delivery support inclusion, diversity and wellbeing
    • As under priority A, but recognising particular needs of postgraduate students, especially where they are engaged through a variety of delivery methods including online.
  5. Collaborating with key business and industry partners to develop bespoke offerings at scale
    • Taking an agile approach to co-creating programmes with key corporate partners with needs to invest in staff development, extending the Degree Apprenticeship model internationally.
  6. Proactively engaging our alumni as lifelong learners to meet their continuing and evolving career needs
    • Responding to the commitment to Exeter of our alumni, and their trust in the quality of our Education;
    • Maintaining alumni as lifelong members of our learning community who look to Exeter to meet their career progressions, education, training and support needs.
  7. Enhancing our programme development capacity
    • Investing in developing skill and capacity in programme development, both in academic and professional service roles;
    • Developing sector-leading marketing of our portfolio and recruitment to it.