Frequently asked questions

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A number of rooms in both Glasney Student Village and The Sidings have been modified for students with a range of disabilities. We're happy to discuss individual requirements with students who have disabilities, and we encourage you to contact the Accommodation Office and the Accessibility Service at an early stage.

If you are allocated to self-catered halls, but prefer to have your meals prepared for you, the nearby campus café’s, refectory and bar offer a range of options during the week. At the refectory you can pay as you go or buy vouchers to cover your meals. The campus shop sells a variety of essential food items, and there is also a large supermarket in nearby Penryn.

We welcome applications from all students and we guarantee to offer you a place in University owned/managed/approved accommodation if you are:

A first-year undergraduate, unaccompanied home, EU or international student who has firmly accepted an offer of a place at the University of Exeter.

An unaccompanied international postgraduate in your first year of study.

An unaccompanied incoming study abroad or Erasmus student for the full academic year.

The guarantee deadline date for first year home, EU and international undergraduate and postgraduate students is 31 July 2020.  For further information on the application and offer process and ballot periods please see the ‘applying’ section.

Whilst we try to allocate students their preferred choice of accommodation we cannot guarantee that we will be able to offer all students their first choice and therefore recommend that all available options are put in an order of priority. Please note, during periods of high demand, we enter into agreements with approved accommodation providers in Falmouth, Penryn and Truro in order to increase the availability of university owned, managed or approved accommodation.

We also guarantee a very limited number of home, EU postgraduate students accommodation in university owned, managed or approved accommodation if they apply before the deadline. Once these have all been allocated we will create a waiting list but do strongly advise that students search for accommodation in the private sector.

We are committed to reducing our environmental impact, and agree a Green Travel Plan with Cornwall Council every year as part our planning permission. There is no parking available at any of our residences (except for Blue Badge holders) and students are strongly discouraged from using a car unless it is essential.

We have excellent public transport links. In addition, there are secure bike storage points all around both campuses and at the various accommodation sites. More information on travelling sustainably around Falmouth and Penryn can be found within the Green Travel Guide.

Applications for accommodation are made online via our Room Service application system so should be accessible to the majority of people whether out of the country or otherwise. However if you will not have access to the internet while you are away please contact the Accommodation Team for further advice on 01326 253639.

For information on the application process please visit our ‘Applying’ section.

The guarantee deadline for accommodation for the 2020-2021 is 31st July 2020. If you are looking for accommodation for 2019-2020 please contact the Accommodation Team on 01326 253639.

Any student living in the United Kingdom or the EU is considered a ‘Home Student’. Students from the Channel Islands (except those doing a foundation course) are considered International Students along with any other student living outside the EU.

New unaccompanied international postgraduate students from outside the EU in their first year of study will be guaranteed University owned, managed or approved accommodation if their application and deposit are received by the published deadline.

For full guidance on the offer process please see the FX Plus website.

Covid-19 related questions

If you are arriving into the UK and travelling to our Cornwall campuses from a country on the Government travel corridors exemption list you will need to self-isolate for 14 days. Full information on self-isolating, including the support available please can be found in our Coronavirus information and advice section.

National Lockdown from January 2021

Government Guidelines are that those students who are undertaking training and study for particular practical courses should return to campus for face-to-face teaching. Students on all other courses should remain at their vacation accommodation until the resumption of their in-person teaching.

The Government also recognises that some students may need to return earlier for other reasons, for example, students who do not have access to appropriate alternative accommodation, facilities, studying space, or that need to return for health or safety reasons.

Once you have returned to your term time accommodation, you should not move back and forward between your permanent home and student home during term time. If you have therefore made the decision to move into your term time accommodation, you should remain at this address during the period of national lockdown unless you have a compelling reason to leave that is permitted under current Government Guidelines.

If you reside in University managed or nominated accommodation for any part of the lockdown period, you will be charged for the accommodation as outlined on your contract. If you have already returned to your term-time accommodation, you should therefore continue to pay fees for your term-time accommodation as normal. Any student who returns to their University managed or nominated accommodation or begins their occupation during the period of the national lockdown will be charged from the date of arrival.

Students in private accommodation are outside of the University’s control and students should discuss the matter with their landlords in the first instance. If you are suffering additional financial burdens then please reach out for support and apply to the ‘Success for All’ Hardship Fund

As outlined in the Registrar's communication of 7 January, we will waive the charges for the lockdown period for those who do not return to their accommodation. Once the lockdown period ends, you will remain liable for all charges due for the remainder of your contract, even if you do not occupy the accommodation.

The Finance Office will be crediting the accounts of those residents who have not been on campus to the value of the seven week waiver period. This process is ongoing and it will take until the end of January to be completed in full for all residents.

We ask students to pay the second instalment of rent at the earliest opportunity, reduced by the value of the waiver where appropriate.

If your contract is issued by one of our nominated partners, please contact them to discuss your account.

Payments made for this term will either be allocated to any current outstanding balance or deducted from next term’s accommodation fees.

If your contract is issued by one of our nominated partners, please contact them to discuss your account.


If your contract is issued by the University, no late fees will be charged on any outstanding spring term accommodation charges. However, please do ensure that all other charges are paid by the payment due dates.

If your contract is issued by one of our nominated partners, please contact them to discuss your account.

Government guidance states that students should avoid returning to university to collect any of their belongings which they may have left at their university accommodation over the winter break. For further details please refer to the Government guidance about Students returning to, and starting, Higher Education in Spring Term 2021.

Yes as during the lockdown it may be necessary for staff to enter the accommodation for various reasons including to undertake maintenance and as part of fire drill checks.

We advise that you check your block insurance policy to understand the cover that is provided and any limitations.

Please remember that your belongings will need to be removed at the end of your period of residence.

You can continue to use the laundry facilities within our residences, even if they are not in your block. However, you should ensure that you continue to follow COVID-Safe protocols for the use of these facilities.

In line with government guidelines, if you are self-isolating you must not leave your accommodation and therefore you must not use the laundry during any period that you may need to self-isolate. Detergent to wash clothes in your room can be ordered from the Penryn Shop or alternatively from other supermarket suppliers to be delivered to you

Our residences remain open and operational including our receptions and cleaning services.

In line with government guidelines, if you are self-isolating you must not leave your accommodation and therefore you should not visit the reception to collect mail during any period that you may need to self-isolate. We will endeavour to deliver post to outside your flat door, however for the latest information including frequency of delivery, please contact You can collect grocery deliveries from the entrance of your block/residence, but you must wear a face covering and social distance while doing so.

Details about campus retail facilities and the services they offer, including deliveries, are available on the FXPlus webpages.

If you are living in privately-owned accommodation you are advised and encouraged to speak to your accommodation provider/landlord directly to discuss this.

We understand that some students, in returning to our campuses later than originally planned, may suffer an additional financial burden. In partnership with the Students’ Guild and Students’ Union we have therefore committed to doubling the support available through the ‘Success for All’ Hardship Fund' by adding a further £500,000 to the fund. Should you need it on your return next year for the start of on-campus teaching, please reach out for support and apply to the fund if you are suffering financial hardship.

Government advice outlines the reasons why we may leave our homes during the period of national restriction and this does include being able to leave to take exercise.

Accommodation contract

You will be expected to pay for your accommodation for term 3 under your Accommodation Agreement obligations.

Our Accommodation Agreement outlines your rights to terminate your contract which do not include leaving the accommodation due to changes in your teaching commitments. Therefore, your contract will remain in place and you will not be able to cancel the contract unless you can meet the conditions set out in the contract.