As the Student Guild we support the accreditation scheme and will actively encourage students to look for accredited properties. We believe that it offers a simple and transparent way of assuring students they will be living in a quality property, whilst being safeguarded in the event of any potential problems.

Students' Guild - University of Exeter

Accreditation Scheme

The University of Exeter has worked with Unipol to ensure that landlords are made aware of the benefits of the accreditation through the Exeter Accreditation Scheme. From January 2019, the scheme is closed to new registrations.

Currently registered landlord:

  • Bridget Buckle - until 31 July 2020.

The benefits for landlords who are accredited with the Exeter Accreditation Scheme include:

  • Priority placing of accredited properties on Studentpad.
  • Exeter City Council approval - HMO licence fee discount, no additional council inspection.
  • Realistic repair framework reduces expectations and tenant disputes.
  • Robust benchmarking demonstrates your quality assurance.
  • Prime positioning at the Accommodation Fair for accredited landlords.
  • Competitive letting advantage through enhanced profile and association with the code.

Some further benefits of the scheme are:

  • Studentpad discounted rate of £30 per property
  • Providing reassurance for students and parents

 What can students expect from an accredited landlord?

  •  Their contract will be written in reasonable terms, it will also be straightforward (with no hidden costs!) showing what they are paying for
  •  Their accommodation will be fully ready on the day they move in
  •  Their accommodation will meet a set of nationally recognised standards, covering services, furniture and fittings
  •  Repairs and maintenance will be carried out within prescribed timescales
  •  The property will meet robust health and safety standards
  •  Clarity on deposits and charges have been made at the end of a tenancy
  •  Information will be provided at the beginning of the tenancy, explaining what management routines the landlord follows, for example doing repairs and routine maintenance
  •  A prescribed and independently administered procedure for dealing with disputes and complaints may arise between tenants and their landlords.