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Family and couples accommodation

Family and couples accommodation

Bringing partners and dependants to Exeter

There are very limited places in university accommodation on or near our Exeter campus for students with partners and so we are unable to guarantee accommodation or accept any responsibility for housing couples. 

Family Accommodation

Our student accommodation is not suitable for us to be able to house students with children which means that any student bringing partners and dependants will need to seek private accommodation.

Currently, the demand for accommodation suitable for families in the South West of England exceeds the supply available and securing accommodation will be difficult, take time to find and be expensive.

Therefore, we would recommend that you do not bring dependants with you to Exeter unless you have secured accommodation.

Please be aware that if you accept a single room in university accommodation or in the private sector, even if you would like to move out to find suitable family accommodation, you will remain responsible for full payment for the accommodation until the end of contract. The Guild Advice team can check your private accommodation contract before you sign it.

Couples accommodation

  • For the purposes of applying for university accommodation, we define a couple as a student who is registered (or will register) for a course at University of Exeter and their partner; unfortunately this accommodation is not available for friends wishing to share. 
  • This type of residence is mainly in our postgraduate accommodation.
  • Applications for 2023/24 accommodation open on 3 April 2023. For further information on how to apply please visit our designated webpage.
  • Please note that only one application per couple is required.

Accommodation options include:

Residence Room type Number of flats available
Birks Grange Village  Double studio 5
King Edward Court  Double flat 8

Applications for couples accommodation are processed from late April onwards. Applications are prioritised depending on each applicant’s circumstances, using the criteria below as a guide.

  • Students requiring accommodation on medical grounds.
  • New international students.
  • New home students.
  • Other returning students (allocated by date of application, if there are vacancies).

Unsuccessful applicants will be kept on a waiting list and offered accommodation should a vacancy arise at a later date.

The contract for these flats starts on Sunday 17 September 2023 and if you should arrive before this date, you will need to find alternative accommodation until the contract starts.

If your application for couples accommodation is unsuccessful, you will need to look for accommodation within the private sector.

Supported Applications

The University recognises that some students may have particular accommodation requirements – for example, relating to a disability or health issue – which may best be met through living in a University residence.  If you require a room in University accommodation for a welfare reason, this will not be automatically allocated to you, even if you are currently in residence. 

Your application should be supported by the relevant Student Support service. Please contact us for more details or if you require assistance in making your application.