Terms and conditions

Please ensure you read the following terms and booking conditions:

  1. In all matters relating to a non-chargeable Residence Event, the Residence Life Management Team’s decision is final. 
  2. If you are an affiliated group with the Students’ Guild, a risk assessment must be submitted at least 10 days prior to your Event.  Please liaise with Student Guild Bookings – contact: guildaandv@ex.ac.uk for assistance.
  3. Rooms cannot be booked on behalf of a third party.
  4. The Event Organiser is responsible for all attendees during the Event.
  5. The Event Organiser is responsible for ensuring the room/ area used for the Event is kept tidy whilst in use and that all rubbish is removed from the room/ area when the Event has finished. 
  6. Where additional cleaning charges are required to clean a room/ area following an Event, such charges will be charged to the Event Organiser following the Event. 
  7. Nothing may be stuck, affixed, glued or stapled to the walls, ceilings, fixtures or fittings within the Residences without the Event Organiser having obtained the prior written consent from the Residence Life Management Team.
  8. A Residence Manager will be on duty for all big events.  
  9. There may be an operational or legal requirement to have qualified security staff present at the relevant event.  Any costs associated with providing such security will be charged to the Event Organiser.  The number required will depend on attendance and the number of entrances/exits that need to be covered.  Only the University’s nominated security firm can be used (details available from the Residence Life Management Team).  When security is not required the Event Organiser will be held responsible for the good order of the Event and for payment for any damage attributable to the Event.
  10. VAT will be charged on certain services requiring additional charge.  The Residence Life Management Team will use reasonable endeavours to confirm any such charges in advance of the Event.
  11. Please be aware of other users of the relevant Residences at all times. 
  12. Windows and doors should be kept closed to minimise music and noise travelling sounding outside thus causing a nuisance.  A reasonable amount of noise will be permitted, however the level of noise must be controlled at all times so as not to disturb other students and local residents. The Residence Life Management Team may ask for music to be turned down at any time and have the authority to close the Event if complaints are received.
  13. The University reserves the right to terminate or suspend any activities deemed unsafe, or that may be putting others at risk. 
  14. There must be no offensive chanting or songs regardless of perceived humour.
  15. Smoke, bubble and foam machines and candles may not be used.
  16. If The Event Organiser is a designated keyholder for a room/ area, they are responsible for ensuring the room/ area is locked and all windows are securely fastened and electrical items and lights are switched off when the Event has finished (or at the end of each day – where an Event runs over one or more days).
  17. The Event Organiser is responsible for the safe keeping of any access keys or cards issued to them.  All access keys or cards are to be kept safe and used by the Event Organiser only and returned to the relevant Residence Reception by the agreed time.
  18. Drinking games are strictly prohibited – the University reserves the right to bring to an end any Event where drinking games are taking place.
  19. For instances of unacceptable behaviour a Student Behaviour Report Form will be completed by the staff on duty.  Any serious or urgent incidents will be referred to the Residence Life Management Team and/or Estate Patrol.
  20. Individual restrictions and premises licence details must be discussed with the Residence Life Management Team. Any external company etc using the premises must provide their own Risk Assessment, Public Liability Insurance and PRS Licence.
  21. If a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) is requested then an events form must be completed at least 4-weeks in advance of event taking place. The TEN is chargeable to the Event Organiser. Due to there being restrictions on the amount of TENs a premises can apply for within a year, this may not be agreed for all requests.
  22. Fire Exits are only to be opened in the event of an emergency. Fire exits and escape routes must not be obstructed at any time.
  23. Balls – Any balls being held within the Residences, or on the grounds of the Residences, need to be organised in conjunction with the Guild and the Residence Life Management Team. The Residence Life Management Team will have final veto rights to any/all activities and will be on the organising committee.
  24. Please contact the University's own catering team at freshideas@exeter.ac.uk if you would like to book catering or refreshments for the Event. External caterers are not permitted.
  25. Smoking is not permitted in any of the University’s indoor facilities.
  26. If you need to cancel your event, please contact residencesevents@exeter.ac.uk informing us of the cancellation. Please cancel with as much notice as possible for ad-hoc events and at least three working days notice for other events. Please be advised that whilst there will be no charge for the cancellation of the room, any costs the event may incur (such as security/catering) may still be chargeable.
  27. These terms and conditions are not exhaustive – a common sense approach will be applied to all requests and bookings and further event details can be discussed in person. In all circumstances, the integrity of the residences will be paramount.
  28. Failure to comply with the above terms and conditions could result in the Event Organiser not being permitted to use facilities in the future.  Any serious breaches of these terms and conditions may result in the Event being ended and appropriate disciplinary action taken.

Failure to adhere to these terms and conditions may lead to immediate termination of your Event.