Maintenance and Damages

Click on the tabs below which will answer your questions about reporting maintenance problems within your residence.

Report the problem immediately to the residence reception by email. Please consider, along with as much detail as possible, sending a photograph of the issue.

Depending on the nature and urgency of the problem the fault will either be passed to Maintenance Service, or to an external contractor. Once you have reported a fault an authorised person will enter your room to access/carry out a repair. Please note that no prior notice will be given and you should allow access to the room in order to avoid the repair being delayed.

Maintenance Service staff work Monday to Friday between 8:00am and 8:00pm and usually only emergency repairs will be carried out over the weekends and bank holidays.

(Please note that some of our residences are managed by partners who employ their own staff.)

Work will be carried out by one of the following:

  • Maintenance Service staff or staff working for our partners e.g. emergency work, most other routine maintenance.
  • Outside contractors e.g. reglazing, repair to a fridge, freezer, carpet repairs.

All staff employed by the University or by our partners wear a uniform and a name badge and will carry identification. Outside contractors will also be asked to carry identification and they will have written paperwork detailing the nature of the job that needs to be carried out.
You may ask to see this identification at any time and if you are not sure that the person should be entering your room please call the reception. When somebody has entered your room to carry out a repair a ‘job done’ slip will be left indicating whether the work has been completed or if they need to return.

Work across the campus is prioritised and staff will endeavor to respond to within the following guidelines however, this can not be guaranteed. If there are problems accessing your room, or if new parts are required to complete the repair, there may be a delay.

If the problem is of a serious nature we will endeavour to offer you alternative accommodation in accordance with the accommodation agreement.

Please see the 'repair response times' shown below and note that these timescales are based on the time the fault is received by the Maintenance Service helpdesk
(of either the University or Third Party Providers).

A time delay will occur when a fault is reported late in the day, at weekends or during bank holidays and closure periods. If you report the fault to someone other than the residence reception there may be a delay in communicating your request to the Maintenance Service helpdesk.

If your problem has not been resolved within the guidelines stated above, and you have not been notified that there is a delay, please contact the residence reception. Staff will endeavour to find out what is happening on your behalf. The ‘job done’ slip left in your room should indicate if the work was not completed.

Throughout the year it is necessary to schedule and carry out planned maintenance works within the residences (e.g. testing of portable electrical appliances, gas safety checks etc.). Usually you will be given at least seven days advance notice by email. This planned maintenance will also take place during the vacations when you may not be in residence.

Reporting of repairs and maintenance

It is your responsibility to report faults and damage promptly to the residence reception. Delay in reporting a fault, or failure to follow the correct reporting procedure, usually means a delay in getting the work carried out.

The matters are then reported to Maintenance Service (of either the University or third party providers) for remedial attention (please note that some of our residences are managed by partners who employ their own staff). They are dealt with at varying speeds depending on the importance and the need for prioritisation of work based on urgency for the tradespersons involved. Please bear with us in this respect as we do endeavour to have work carried out within the response time listed below.

If a member of staff finds a fault during the course of their duties, they will report it and the maintenance team will undertake a repair. These repairs will also take place during the vacations when you may not be in residence.

Out of office hours genuine emergencies can be dealt with via a report to the reception who will inform the Duty Manager. Non-urgent repairs reported on a Saturday and Sunday will not be dealt with until Monday the following week.

Should you be concerned about any pests in your residence, please report it to your Residence Reception promptly.

For fire, flood or other serious emergencies contact the Emergency Services on 999 and the University Campus Security team on the emergency telephone number (01392) 722222.

This table outlines our completion time however, repairs may not be completed on the first visit.

1-4 Hours Emergency1 Working DayWithin 5 Working Days
Within 30 Working Days
or by agreed date
Immediate danger to personal safety Communal doors - lock faults or break in Defective air conditioning units and ventilation fans Replace sanitary fittings
Serious damage to building fabric or equipment Bedroom doors - lock faults or break in Unblock toilet or urinal (if this is not the only facility locally available) Tiling repairs to shower an bathroom areas
Bomb warnings Secure and protect broken windows (may exclude replacement of glass) Replace or repair door closers Fence repairs
Gas leaks Repairs to light fittings or replace light bulbs, where only one light within the room and causing a safety hazard Replacement of glass to windows, doors and partitions (Where access is limited this may be at an agreed date) Joinery repairs
Major faults and loss of gas, water or electrical power to whole building/flat Unblock toilets or urinal (if this is the only facility locally available) Plumbing repairs Repairs to window frames
Serious flooding inside buildings Clear main drainage blockages Removal of graffiti Repairs requiring special parts
Lifts - general failure Temporary repair to flooring that is a trip hazard Works necessary to maintain operational use of the building General roof repairs that are not urgent
Major heating or hot water failure to whole building/flat Temporary repair to carpet that is a trip hazard Laundrette equipment Repairs to roof gutters and pipes
Fire alarm system faults Faults in en-suite facilities or shared shower Loss of heating (temporary provision provided) Minor repairs to building fabric
  Oven and hob Commencement treatment of other pest infestations Repair or replacement of flooring that is not a trip hazard
  Loss of hot water/electric power in bedroom/kitchen   Repair or replacement of carpets that is not a trip hazard
  Adjustment to temperature of heating or hot water    
  Firefighting equipment    
   Severe pest infestations    

The following areas will be dealt with by agreed dates only:

  • Electrical, mechanical or structural works required for a planned event.
  •  Turning heating and ventilation on or off for a planned event.
  • Planned  preventative maintenance.

Damage and misconduct

It is only fair that those who damage property, or create a serious nuisance, either through malicious or irresponsible acts, should expect to pay for their misdeeds. Designated members of Campus Services staff have the authority, under the regulations, to fine residents in appropriate cases.

Serious or persistent damage is not only a disciplinary offence, but it may also lead to your accommodation agreement being terminated, and you will not then be eligible for a place in University accommodation. The University will report criminal damage to the police where appropriate.

Damage is considered to be any deterioration of the residence which is over and above normal fair wear and tear. Some damage can be easily identified e.g. broken items, but others are less obvious, for instance cigarette burns in carpets. By completing your room condition report on arrival you will record the condition of your room at the start of your contract.

Charges are made for damage as there is no allowance in the accommodation charges for any damage to the accommodation, accidental or otherwise.
Damage should be reported immediately to the Residence Team via the residence reception who will arrange for the repair. The costs will be passed to those responsible. Residents are responsible for any damage that occurs in their room (unless caused by an insured risk, in which case they may still be liable to pay a contribution towards the cost). Where damage occurs in shared areas of residence, the Residence Team will try to ascertain who is responsible so that charges can be made accordingly. It is expected that the residents will comply with requests made by the Residence Team during the process of damage investigation.

If the Residence Team is unable to identify the person responsible:

  • in communal areas of a flat/house the cost will be charged equally to all residents of the flat/house;
  • in communal areas of a residence, outside a flat, the cost will be charged equally to all residents who have access to the area.

The charge will be added to your student account and throughout the year you can check your recent transactions and balance with the University of Exeter by accessing your online statement. This can be done by logging into your iExeter account and clicking on the ‘Student Record’ and ‘Finance’ tabs.
If you disagree with any charge for damage you have a right of appeal through our Complaints Procedure.

Where items have been damaged by residents and have to be repaired or replaced, the University will pass on these costs to the resident(s). These charges may include the cost of disposal, delivery and other associated costs with remedying the damage. Charges made are at a commercial rate.

The tables of charges set out in the tabs below are a general guide and actual charges may be more or less depending on the amount of labour (including administration and management time) and the materials required. The basis of charging is that there should be no adverse financial consequences for the University in putting right damage caused by a student and that the University will not make profit out of repair charges.

Prices detailed in the below tabs are current at the time of compiling this information and are subject to change. You will be advised in writing by the Residence Management team of any charges made to you.

The costs shown are indicative. This list is not exhaustive and the University may charge for any damages not considered to be wear and tear. If charges are to be made for items not listed below you will be advised of the cost accordingly.

Measurement expressed in square metre as sq.m.

Prices for reglazing will vary depending on the design/location of the window and the type of glass required.

Prices vary from £90.00 – £390.00 per sq.m.

Windows will generally be boarded up prior to being replaced. Charges for this will be made at £63.00 per sq.m.

Please note: all reglazing prices exclude the cost of any scaffolding required. This will be charged extra if required for safe access to carry out works.

There is a minimum reglazing charge of £70.00.

Redecoration of study bedroom (paintwork, walls) £480.00
Redecoration or one wall (emulsion only) £95.00
Replace standard door, inclusive of decoration £255.00 - £625.00
Replace notice board £85.00
Replace mirror per sq.m £61.00 per sq.m
Replace wash/hand basin £195.00
Replace toilet seat £41.50
Replace toilet £350.00
Replace spy hole £30.00
Replace work surfaces (kitchen and bathroom) two metres £125.00 - £250.00


Locks and KeysCharge
Replace accommodation keys (including ring and disc); card and/or fob £15.00 - £50.00 per key
Replace standard door lock £65.00 - £155.00

The costs shown are indicative. This list is not exhaustive and the University may charge for any damages not considered to be wear and tear. If charges are to be made for items not listed below you will be advised of the cost accordingly.

Replace plug top £24.50
Replace fluorescent tube £24.50
Replace diffuser or cover £42.00
Replace desk lamp (inc. plug top and labelling) £28.00
Replace centre light (study bedroom) batten holder £42.00
Replace complete fluorescent fitting (strip light) £92.00
Replace shaver light £80.00
Replace light switch £32.00
Replace socket outlet £30.00 - £100.00
Street lighting - damage to glassware £225.00
Centre light (study bedroom) 2D fitting £86.00
Electrical PAT testing £17.00 minimum charge

Fire extinguishers/equipment

  • Prices for replacing, refilling or making good damage to any fire extinguisher will vary depending on the type and size of extinguisher. Prices vary between £40.00 – £70.00.

Please note: in some instances it is not possible to refill fire extinguishers, in which case the charge will be for a new extinguisher.

Fire equipmentCharge
Fire blanket £40.00
30m hose pipe £90.00
Check fire/ smoke detector head £50.00
Check fire/ smoke detector head and replace with new detector head £55.00 - £200.00

Replacement of carpet/ vinyl flooring

Prices for replacing all or part of carpet or vinyl flooring will vary depending on the amount, type and location of the flooring in question.

Prices vary between £30.00 – £95.00 per sq.m.

Please note: a minimum charge of £95.00 will apply to any carpet or vinyl flooring replacement.

The costs shown are indicative. This list is not exhaustive and the University may charge for any damages not considered to be wear and tear. If charges are to be made for items not listed below you will be advised of the cost accordingly.


Bed frame (3', 3'6", 4' or 4,6") £95.00 - £300.00
 Mattress single (3', 3'6")  £130.00
 Mattress double (4', 4'6")  £250.00
 Mattress protector single  £20.00
 Mattress protector double  £25.00
 Coffee table  £200.00 - £250.00
 Wardrobe  £180.00 - £450.00
 Curtains/Blinds  £100.00 - £350.00
 Bedside cabinet  £100.00
 Ironing board  £45.00
 Iron  £25.00
 Vacuum cleaner  £155.00
 Waste paper bin  £15.00
 Desk  £150.00 - £400.00
 Desk chair £95.00

Communal areas

Wall mounted sanitary station  £90.00 +£25 labour
Kitchen bin £25.00 - £150.00
Dustpan and brush £12.00
Mop and bucket  £15.00
Replacement sofa  £400.00 - £800.00
Kitchen roller blind (approx. price will vary depending on type/size of blind)  £100.00 - £150.00
Lounge chair  £170.00 - £350.00
Dining room chair  £45.00 - £65.00
Kitchen chair  £50.00 - £90.00
Kitchen table  £150.00 - £225.00
Mini fridge  £165.00
Under counter fridge  £200.00
Under counter freezer  £210.00
Tall fridge/ freezer  £375.00
Combination microwave  £234.00
Microwave  £80.00
Kettle  £25.00


Gas and electrical testing

The gas and electrical equipment provided by the University or third party provider is routinely checked, in line with statutory requirements, to ensure it is safe. However, should you have any concerns about a particular item please contact the reception.

This includes all food preparation electrical equipment in communal kitchens. In the interest of safety no deep fat fryers are permitted anywhere in the residences and no cooking apparatus of any kind is permitted in bedrooms.

Any items brought in by the student may be required a portable appliance test at the student’s expense. Equipment which the University reasonably considers to be unsafe or a fire or health and safety risk may be removed at the resident’s expense and returned only at the termination of the accommodation agreement. In the case of electrical equipment residents may be given the option of having it tested at their own expense and be allowed to keep it if the test result is satisfactory.