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It's better to pack everything in advance otherwise you'll end up throwing everything into the crates

2017/18 resident

Pack essentials in one box

2017/18 resident

Remember to take the food from your fridge when moving into the new flat

2017/18 resident

Shower room works 2019/20

The information contained in this webpage may be subject to change. We are seeking to provide you with as much detail as we are able to at this moment, however this could be changed by events outside the University’s control. For the avoidance of any doubt, the refund associated with the disruption will only be payable if the works proceed.

Shower room works are taking place in a number of blocks in the Lafrowda area during the 2019/20 academic year. If you are living in an affected block you will move to an alternative flat for a period of one week whilst the works to refresh your shower room flooring take place. Don’t worry, the entire flat will be moving together, so you will be with your flatmates during your week in the temporary flat. These works are essential to ensuring that your accommodation continues to be at a high standard long-term and we would like to apologise for any inconvenience caused by these works.

Watch our video to find out more about moving for the shower room works.

When will I be moving?

Please see below schedule of moving dates, including flat numbers and when the crates will be delivered:

Term one

Block K Block L Crates delivered Moving out Moving back in
K51 L51 26 September 29 September 5 October
K52 L52 3 October 6 October 12 October
K41 L41 10 October 13 October 19 October
K42 L42 17 October 20 October 26 October
K31 L31 24 October 27 October 2 November
K32 L32 31 October 3 November 9 November
K21 L21 7 November 10 November 16 November
K22 L22 14 November 17 November 23 November
K11 L11 21 November 24 November 30 November
K12   28 November 1 December 7 December


Where will I be moving to?

Please see below for a list of the temporary flats for the 2019/20 academic year:

Original blockTemporary flat location
L L12

Moving out flyer

Download a copy of our moving out flyer for a helpful checklist and more information.

How to get ready for your move:

Moving out and moving back

Crates will be delivered to your flat the Thursday before you move so you have time to make sure you’re packed by Sunday. You’ll move out with your flatmates on the Sunday, stay in the alternative flat for a week, and move back in the following Saturday. All moves will be facilitated by a professional moving team and University staff will be on-hand to assist you with any questions you may have and to give you the key/fob to your temporary flat.

Please be ready to move at 11:00 if you live in blocks C or D, and 13:00 if you live in J, MA, or MB. These times are the same for both moving out and moving back.

When you are back in your original room, please unpack your crates and stack the empty crates at the end of your bed. Crates will be collected the Thursday after you move back in.

You must pack all your belongings from your room – it’s important that you do not leave anything.

  • This includes items in your wardrobe, under your bed and in your shower room
  • Any posters or pictures affixed to notice boards need to be removed and packed
  • You will need to carry any small, valuable items – laptops, iPads, phones – to the flat yourself
  • Contact residencefeedback@exeter.ac.uk if you have any large, valuable items, such as a TV

Please do not leave your crates in corridors, ensure they are packed neatly at the end of your bed ready for collection, as shown in the photo below:


You don’t need to bring everything from your kitchen to the temporary flat, but you will need to consider the following:

  • Any specialist kitchen equipment – take a look at the kitchen inventory to see what is already included. For example, you may want to bring a rice cooker or coffee machine
  • Bring any food you will need for the week – cool bags will be provided for fresh or frozen items

Kitchens must be left tidy and all rubbish/recycling removed before moving out of your flat.

  • Contact residencefeedback@exeter.ac.uk if you think you will need more than six crates or for advice on fragile items
  • Start early – packing might take longer than you think
  • Pack your essentials into one or two crates to save you unpacking everything during your week in the temporary flat
  • Do not overfill your crates – the lids must be able to close
  • Put heavier items on the bottom and lighter items on the top
  • Use the cool bags provided to bring any food you may need for the week
  • When you reach your temporary flat ask for your essential crates to be stacked on top

We will ensure your 50% rent reduction for the week you move out is applied to your accommodation account before you make your next term’s payment, i.e. if you move during term one, your account will be credited at the start of term two before your second rental instalment is due.

Rent reduction schedule

Works undertaken September-December Rent instalment 2 Reduction will be applied to your account in January before your second instalment is due
Works undertaken January-April Rent instalment 3 Reduction will be applied to your account in May before your third instalment is due

How can I check my account?

Throughout the year you can check your account with the University of Exeter by accessing your online statement. This can be done by logging into your  iExeter account and clicking on the ‘Student Record’ and ‘Finance’ tabs.

If you are unable to see the reduction appearing on your account, please log an enquiry via SiD entitled ‘Payment Enquiry’ (using this as the subject will help categorise this type of query) and this will be passed on to the right team to review.

Moving out flyer

You will be provided with a flyer with essential details during the week prior to your move. 

Kitchen inventory

To see what kitchen equipment will be provided in the temporary flat, please download a copy of the kitchen inventory below:

Get in touch

If you have any questions about the work taking place, please email: residencefeedback@exeter.ac.uk

For urgent matters please contact Estate Patrol on 01392 723999.

Student drop-in sessions

Come along to our student drop-in session to catch-up with University staff about the projects and ask any questions you may have.

Our next session: 

  • TBC

Frequently asked questions

The moving schedule for term one is available in the 'When will I be moving?' section above; the term two schedule will be updated during November 2018.

You will receive an Outlook calendar invite with the date of your move to the temporary flat. Make sure you save this and make a note of when your crates will be delivered the Thursday before and when you will move back in the Sunday afterwards.

You will also receive an email with further details 4 weeks before you move, then 2 weeks beforehand and again 1 week before the work is due to start.

Yes. The whole of your flat will be moved at the same time, so you will be moving with your friends.

You must pack all your belongings from your room (including shower room) – it’s important that you do not leave anything.


There will be crockery and utensils supplied in the temporary flat (plates, saucepans, cutlery etc). Please see the kitchen inventory for a full list of items.

However if you have anything specific you like to use, such as a rice cooker or coffee machine, you should pack these items into your crates. You will also need to take any fresh food with you – insulated bags/boxes will be provided on the day. Otherwise, frozen and canned/packet goods can remain in the flat as it will be sealed off from the construction staff.

Six crates will be provided for packing all your belongings and will be delivered on the Thursday before your move.

A professional moving team will collect and transport your crates on your moving out and moving back in dates.

Yes – extra crates are available, please email: residencefeedback@exeter.ac.uk by 12 noon on Friday to request additional crates.

If you have suitcases or packing trunks you can pack any additional items into these and these will be transported with your crates on moving days. If you have items which may need speciality packing (such as a large screen TV), please email: residencefeedback@exeter.ac.uk prior to your move date so that this can be arranged in advance.    

You must carry all valuable items, such as mobile phones and tablets, separately.

If you notice damaged/missing items on the day, please speak to the manager on duty, otherwise email: residencefeedback@exeter.ac.uk as soon as possible.

How much you unpack is up to you but we think it’s probably easier for you to keep what you need for the week in one or two crates – this will minimise the amount of unpacking and re-packing you will need to do.

On the day of the move, ask the professional moving team to stack your ‘essentials’ crates on top when you arrive at your temporary flat.

Please ensure that the crates don’t block fire exits or create a trip hazard. Your crates must not be left in corridors and should be stacked neatly at the end of your bed.

Please unpack all your belongings and stack the empty crates at the end of your bed. They will be collected at 12pm from your flat by the removal team the Thursday after you move back into your original flat. The crates will be reused by other students so please ensure that they are returned clean.

For health and safety reasons, do not stack crates in corridors or communal spaces.

When you are notified about what date you’ll be required to move, please check it immediately and make sure you let us know as soon as possible if you can see any problem with the dates. Please email: residencefeedback@exeter.ac.uk to make arrangements.

On your moving out day, you will hand in your term time fob to the Manager on duty and be issued with a fob for your temporary room - please note that your term time fob will not work during the week you are in your temporary accommodation. Please ensure that you are available to receive your fob at this time or make alternative arrangements by emailing: residencefeedback@exeter.ac.uk

You will also need to hand back the fob for the temporary room to the Manager on duty when you move back into your original flat.

The contractors will have access your room in order to carry out the work to your shower room. We will also clean it thoroughly before your return. Otherwise, no one will have access to your room and your belongings will not be there in any case.

If you are already living within one of the rooms which caters for students with additional needs then you won’t be asked to move – the work will be carried out during the summer holidays. This also applies to the other rooms within your flat and so you won’t be left on your own for a week!

If you have a disability that you haven’t previously told us about, or are currently injured or unwell, please email: residencefeedback@exeter.ac.uk as soon as possible. A member of staff will get in touch with you to discuss your needs and how we can assist you to move.

If you are unwell during the weekends that you are move from/back to your room, please email: residencefeedback@exeter.ac.uk as soon as possible and we will discuss how we can best assist you.

We will ensure your 50% rent reduction for the week you move out is applied to your accommodation account before you make your next term’s payment, i.e. if you move during Term 1, your account will be credited at the start of Term 2.

If you have any questions regarding the moving out or moving back in process please email: residencefeedback@exeter.ac.uk