University accommodation

Why live with us?

We can offer you:

  • your own private bedroom with separate communal kitchen and spacious living area*
  • standard, en-suite and studio rooms
  • apply to live with friends
  • a range of great locations and prices
  • no commitment until you know you're progressing 
  • live closer to your College or library
  • all-inclusive rents from £5,090.40 for en-suite rooms 
  • Wifi included in your rent
  • a safe and secure environment, with CCTV near some residences
  • dedicated quiet blocks available

*Not available in studio accommodation.

Use our search facility to see which accommodation is right for you.

All residents are supported by our Residence Life Team and the University's 24 hour security team and, as we have signed up to The Student Accommodation Code of Practice, you can rest assured that we are committed to offering you safe, good value accommodation.

When you apply for University accommodation, you can name a group of friends who you want to live with and, as long as they also name you on their application, we will endeavour to place you all in the same house, flat or corridor (depending on the type of room you have applied for). Different residences have different sizes of house or flat available, so check with us to see where your group will fit best.

We have different types of room that you can apply for: standard, en-suite and studio.

Studio rooms

  • have a shower and toilet attached to them 
  • have a kitchenette area within the bedroom 
  • you don't have to share with anyone

En-suite rooms

  • have a shower and toilet attached to them - for your use only 
  • are arranged in flats of up to 9 students
  • spacious kitchen and living area in each flat for you to share.

Standard rooms

  • almost all have a washbasin within them 
  • are arranged into flats and houses of up to 12 students
  • toilets and showers in each house or flat are shared 
  • spacious kitchen and living area in each house or flat for you to share

If you will be studying an undergraduate degree programme at the University, you can apply for catered or self catered accommodation - whatever works best for you!

Important: our contracts run for the whole academic year and we will expect you to pay for your accommodation for the same period.

Remember that in catered accommodation you must move out of your room for the Christmas and Easter vacation, and at Easter this includes removing all of your belongings. There are lots of local storage companies who can help you to move your things as the University does not currently offer any student storage.

Disclaimer: this information is for reference only; these companies are in no way affiliated to the University. The University cannot be held responsible for the quality of service they provide.

In self catered accommodation your contract includes vacations, so you can leave your things in your room even if you do decide to go home for the Christmas or Easter holidays.