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Application information

Undergraduate applications

All undergraduate applications should be made through UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service). Detailed information for those advising students on how to apply for undergraduate courses can be found on the UCAS website and on the Exeter Undergraduate website.

When helping your students to fill in their UCAS form please be aware of the following:

  • Students can apply anytime between 1 September and 30 June. However, we advise that where possible students apply by the UCAS equal consideration deadline; 15 January. We strongly advise that students apply as soon as possible to avoid problems obtaining a visa.
  • The UCAS code for Exeter is E84 EXETER. If your student is applying for a course at our Penryn Campus, Cornwall, please note that these programmes are indicated by 'University of Exeter Penryn Campus, Cornwall' after the title and you should still indicate 'C' under 'Campus Code' in the 'choices' section of the application.
  • If you wish to send additional information along with the UCAS form (such as academic transcripts) then please send these direct to the Admissions Office at
  • Please include your student’s name and UCAS applications number, and the programme that he or she is applying for in all correspondence with us. This allows us to match your query with that student's application.
  • Please ensure that your student fills in their UCAS form in full. If you want to send us academic transcripts, please make sure that these are in addition to rather than instead of the information supplied in the UCAS form. Submitting an incomplete UCAS form may mean that your student's application is delayed.

It is vital that your student's application form makes clear that they have applied through your agency. This allows us quickly to see what commission may be owed to you. Please make sure that:

  • You give your contact details in the 'Correspondence address' section of the UCAS form. Your name should be in the first line of the address, and your agency's name (and office if you have more than one office) in the second line.
  • If you have your own UCAS 'buzzword' we would highly recommend that you submit applications using this buzzword
  • We also recommend that you are included as the 'No

Postgraduate applications

Postgraduate applications should be sent directly to the University. They are processed by our centralised Postgraduate Admissions team. Visit the How to Apply pages of the Postgraduate Study website for more information about how your students can apply for postgraduate study.

When assisting students with their postgraduate applications, please be aware of the following:

  • There is no official closing date for postgraduate applications. However, we strongly advise that your students apply as soon as possible. In particular, they should be aware of any scholarship deadlines that will require them to apply before a certain date.
  • If you apply online using the online applications system we aim to process the application within 20 working days. These turnaround times refer to the time between acknowledging receipt of a complete application to the e-mailing of the offer decision (please note that this excludes, weekends, bank holidays and University closure days). Please note that for an application to be considered complete all sections of the form must be completed, academic transcripts must be included and at least one reference on headed paper should be provided. While we endeavour to meet this target at all times, in the very busy months of July and August application processing times may be slightly longer than usual - so again, please encourage your students to apply early.
  • Please quote your student's name, SITS number (student number) and the programme applied for in all correspondence with the University.
  • Please contact the Postgraduate Admissions team via our online contact form as soon as possible if your student wants to defer, or if they fail to meet any conditions of their offer.
  • If your student receives offers for more than one programme, please notify the Admissions team of all decisions, not just their decision regarding their chosen programme (e.g. 'Student x would like to accept their offer to study MSc Financial Analysis and Fund Management, and decline their offer to study MSc Finance and Investment').
  • Please ensure that the contact details your student gives on their application form are correct. The Admissions team send emails to both contact addresses ('Permanent Home Address' and 'Temporary Address (if applicable) for correspondence'). If you do not want your students to receive any direct correspondence from us, then please give your agency's contact details for both addresses (Permanent and Temporary). If you would like your students to receive correspondence from us, then please give their home address in the Permanent Address section, and your agency's contact details in the Temporary Address section.
  • If you would like correspondence from the University to go to a particular person within your agency (i.e. the agent that has advised a particular student) then please ensure that you enter their name in the first line of the Temporary Address section.
  • Please note that our offers are sent via email.
  • If you are sending us scanned copy of your students' application forms, then please stamp them with your agency's stamp. This will help us to quickly see that those students have applied through your agency.
  • Please send us copies of final examination or English results as soon as they are available. Documents to support postgraduate applications should be uploaded via our online portal (‘Applicant Gateway’) as detailed in our offer letter and shown in the gateway instructions.

Applications from current INTO Exeter students

All applications from current INTO Exeter students are managed our International Liaison Office,  working very closely with a dedicated team within the University Admissions Office and colleagues in INTO Exeter. We hope that you find the information below helpful. However if you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Application procedures

Once students arrive at INTO Exeter to start their Foundation, International Year One, or Graduate Diploma programme, our International Liaison Office (ILO), will assist them with their application for progression to the University of Exeter. Special "Fast Track" application procedures have been developed for these students, so please DO NOT submit UCAS or postgraduate applications for any students joining an INTO Exeter programme. These are handled internally, in Centre, post arrival.

Following submission of an application, students receive details of their conditional offer for progression to the University of Exeter. This conditional offer will be made up of an academic requirement and an English requirement. To progress successfully to Exeter, a student must meet BOTH of these conditions as part of their INTO Exeter pathway.  The English condition cannot be replaced by using IELTS (or other English language qualification).  

Foundation and International Year One progression to Exeter

Foundation and International Year One students are required to submit a full UCAS application through the International Liaison Office, using one choice for an appropriate programme at the University of Exeter. UCAS Application Sessions are held in November for Cohort 1 students and in February for Cohort 2 students. Students will be given assistance writing their Personal Statements in their English classes.

Students are also given advice about managing their applications throughout the year in UCAS Track and making appropriate Insurance choice applications. Detailed advice is also given to students about making Firm and Insurance choices.

We monitor students UCAS progress throughout the year, although students remain responsible for checking their UCAS applications on 'Track' on a regular basis, replying to offers by the deadlines given, and keeping contact details up to date. Students are NOT allowed to add more than one choice for Exeter - if they wish to change the programme that they applied for at Exeter, they must visit the International Liaison Office and complete a change of programme request form. All changes are subject to approval by the appropriate College.

Graduate Diploma progression to Exeter

A special Graduate Diploma 'Fast Track' application portal has been created, meaning students do not need to complete the University's online application. Application sessions are held at the end of the first semester (December for Cohort 1, March for Cohort 2). Documents such as references, transcripts, and certificates are not routinely required for an application for progression to the University of Exeter.

Application procedures for INTO Academic English students

We find that most students following an INTO English Study programme are intending to progress onto INTO Exeter academic programmes or are already holding an offer for a University of Exeter degree programme. Students on the Academic English programme who are interested in applying for University of Exeter degree programmes are welcome to make an appointment with the International Liaison Office to discuss their study plan, qualifications and application, and dedicated assistance is available.

We hope that you find this information useful. If you have further questions, please feel free to contact us, by email on, or by phone +44 (0) 1392 725536.