I always hope that my research will, somehow, help rice farmers including ones in my home country, Thailand.

Wasin Sakulkoo, Halpin Scholar

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Sustainable Futures

Help us develop sustainable futures

Sustainable Futures

Achieving a sustainable future for humanity on Earth underpins Exeter’s world-class environment and sustainability research. More than 250 researchers are working across disciplines and across the University to develop pioneering research which impacts on the world we live in.

Together they are influencing international policy, shaping global debate and developing positive responses to climate change and its associated challenges. Our researchers are not just focussing on the here and now – they are exploring how to mitigate the environmental challenges we will face in the decades to come.

Researchers at Exeter:

  • Help governments to manage their water systems, mitigate against flood risk and cope with extreme weather
  • Research the impact of plastic pollution on the marine environment
  • Identify solutions in the fight against crop disease and famine, which affects millions of people in some of the world’s poorest nations
  • Advise on the protection of biodiversity in the face of climate change and pollution
  • Develop new forms of renewable energy
  • Understand and predict climate change and its effects
  • Consider the complex links between environment and human health

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How you can help

Provide a student with the opportunity to co-create sustainability knowledge with industry and government partners
Your gift of £5,000 could provide a student with the opportunity to complete a work placement and support employability.

Enable international student mobility to support global citizenship
Your gift of £10,000 could support a student exchange with other international elite research institutions.

Support a PhD Student
You can support the next generation of scientists, social scientists, economists and modellers over the course of a three or four year programme. PhD studentships are £70,000–£100,000. 

Support a research group
Your gift of £100,000 or more will provide substantial research support, for example through providing equipment or funding activities in a key area such as food security, conserving biodiversity, water systems, climate science, sustainable business or clean technology.

Support a research laboratory
Your gift of £200,000 or more will help build substantial infrastructure, for example by fitting out a laboratory to study water security, crop diseases, marine ecology systems, or group dynamics.

Watch: #ExeterMarine research

Take a look at this film about #ExeterMarine showcasing the diversity of marine research taking place at the University of Exeter. Produced by Exeter alumni Muddy Duck Productions.

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Analysing the impact of marine pollution

There are now 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic in the worlds oceans, with an estimated 10% of the plastics we produce ending up in the oceans. We have been researching the impact of the smallest pieces, called microplastics, on the health of marine animals.

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Supporting the Global Systems Institute

The Global Systems Institute brings together researchers, students, citizens and partners to solve global challenges, and help create a flourishing future world together.

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Supporting ecology and conservation

Biodiversity is the key to our continued existence on this planet. We are conducting cutting-edge research into the processes that shape life on Earth, enhancing understanding of how we can deal with the pressures of an increasing human population.

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Improving understanding of marine ecosystems

Changing climate and human noise is having a significant impact on marine life around the world. Researchers are working with fishermen and other industry to reduce noise pollution and understand what can be done to protect marine environments. 

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Supporting sustainable human-wildlife coexistence

Dr Kimberley Hockings leads critical research into human-chimpanzee coexistence in equatorial Africa, helping to identify potential conflicts and developing sustainable conservation solutions.

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Climate change ‘tipping points’ influence policy

Exeter research identifying potential climate ‘tipping points’ – such as dieback of the Amazon rainforest and decline of Arctic sea-ice – has influenced policy and business on a global scale.

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Establishing partnerships to develop renewable energy

Exeter’s renewable energy researchers are combining their expert knowledge with the latest technological advances to influence policy, shape the debate and develop positive responses to the need for clean and renewable energy for generations to come.

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Addressing the challenge of water security

The Centre for Water Systems at Exeter is addressing global challenges through pioneering research and consultancy work in urban water management and hydro-informatics.

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Advancing Mining research around the world

Mining is a truly global industry, supplying raw materials that underpin infrastructure and manufacturing, as well as affecting the lives, security and opportunities of people worldwide. 

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Creating a sustainable future for farming and the environment

The the Centre for Rural Policy Research has a longstanding reputation as one of the leading research groups in the UK based on a successful track record of rural policy work dating back to the 1960s.  

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Protecting Beaver’s - Nature’s Water Engineers

The University of Exeter is working on a unique research project to re-introduce beavers to the UK 400 years after they were hunted to extinction.  

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Support from A.G. Leventis Foundation exceeds £1 million

The A.G. Leventis Foundation has extended its support of research at the University of Exeter taking the total value to more than £1 million since the partnership was first formed 20 years ago.

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