The Wolfson Foundation is committed to supporting excellence and we are therefore delighted to have awarded a significant grant to the Living Systems Institute: an ambitious development, underpinned by a novel and exciting academic strategy. We hope other funders will also want to be part of this initiative.

Paul Ramsbottom, Chief Executive, The Wolfson Foundation which gave a grant of £2 million to Living Systems in December 2014.

Living Systems

Revolutionising how we diagnose and treat disease

From neuro-degenerative diseases like dementia and epilepsy to plant and animal diseases that threaten the global food supply, severe diseases pose a huge threat to humanity. A brand new facility on our Streatham Campus, the Living Systems Institute (LSI) is creating a world-class collaborative research community to revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

Bringing together around 200 cell and molecular biologists, mathematicians, physicists, biomedical scientists and engineers, this world-class interdisciplinary centre is the University’s largest single investment in science to date. A completely new means of looking at biological problems, the LSI takes a holistic view of how cells, tissues and whole organisms operate. Importantly, researchers will use the techniques of mathematics, predictive modelling, control engineering and physics to understand, in detail, how disease operates.

LSI academics will use their research to deliver inspirational teaching, supporting the next generation of scientists to collaborate across disciplines to solve future problems.

£81,000 (UK/EU) and £136,000 (international) will fully fund a PhD Studentship (over 4 years) within the LSI, ensuring Exeter continues to attract and retain the best doctoral students from around the world, supporting today’s discoveries and shaping tomorrow’s scientific leaders. 

£150,000 (over 3 years) will provide a Career Development Fellowship to support one of our most talented young academics. These fellowships will develop post-doctoral skills and research in a secure and stimulating environment, at a crucial career juncture often marred by insecurity. 

LSI senior faculty members are highly innovative, world-leading researchers. A donation of £500,000 will fund one of our top Professors for 5 years, securing the contribution of an outstanding investigator to Exeter’s legacy in disease prevention and treatment.

State-of-the-art equipment lies at the heart of scientific discovery but does not come cheaply. Gifts from £200k to £1 million will strengthen our research infrastructure and help make the difference between research being simply incremental and truly breakthrough.

Your gift of £2 million will enable the University to attract world-leading investigators.

We are committed to recognising your support. From naming opportunities for buildings and rooms or academic posts and scholarships, to events publicly thanking our supporters, we would be delighted to discuss options with you.

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Exceptional Living Systems

A brand new facility on our Streatham Campus, the Living Systems Institute (LSI) will create a world-class collaborative research community to revolutionise the diagnosis and treatment of diseases.

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