Many congratulations on your Diamond Jubilee year and to everyone at Exeter who has helped propel the University so far up the league tables. This was already a brilliant place to study in the 1980s and it’s come a long way since then.

Frank Gardner, BBC Security Correspondent (BA Hons Arabic & Islamic Studies 1984, Hon LLD 2007)

Society and Culture

Help us to enrich society and culture

Understanding and enriching society and culture through the arts and social sciences is central to tackling some of the greatest challenges of our times. In an age of globalisation, there has never been a greater need to understand and engage effectively with different cultures.

Research excellence in these areas informs key issues like human rights, politics, social justice and wellbeing. Through the study of modern and ancient history, art, literature and language, we increase our understanding of humanity and develop new ideas to push the frontiers of knowledge, vital to the evolution of society.

Exeter has an international reputation for academic excellence in the humanities and social sciences. Our alumni – including author J K Rowling, BBC journalist Frank Gardner, and Green Party leader Caroline Lucas – have used an Exeter education as a springboard to distinguished careers in literature, journalism, politics, and more.

Humanities and social sciences do not benefit from the same levels of research funding as the sciences, and there is scarce funding available to study at postgraduate level. There is also a growing concern that talented students are choosing other subjects over the humanities and social sciences.

Internships would allow us to hone the skills of exceptional students, helping to shape and support a new generation of digital creators. Costs for a 6-month placement are £6,000 - £8,000. A volunteer co-ordinator post would allow us to engage and train students, providing them with valuable opportunities to develop their digital skills. The cost per annum is £31,700.

You can provide a scholarship to support a talented student to complete a Masters in any one of our areas of expertise: Archaeology, Classics, Creative Writing, English, Film Studies, History, Medieval Studies, Theatre Practice, Theology or Translation. UK/EU student scholarships are £10,000; international student scholarships are £20,000 (£30,000 with stipend).

You can support the next generation of humanities scholars. PhD studentships are £75,000 over the course of a three or four year programme. PhD travel bursaries of £500 will enable promising students to access research resources and conferences and deliver tangible outcomes, such as publications.

You can support our work to develop new research that pushes the boundaries of knowledge and delivers practical applications that improve human lives. £20,000 will enable us to sustain one of our world leading research centres for a year:

Additional capacity to develop new software and apps would allow us to create vital tools, advancing our knowledge and reaching audiences with attractive, interactive material. The cost per annum is £41,600 per post. 

A portable camera and conservation system would enable the team to photograph valuable collections in situ, rather than bringing items to Exeter, increasing access to important collections in private hands, including literary manuscripts, film and theatre memorabilia, and legal and historical documents. The equipment cost is £25,000. A high-spec 100 MPx camera and static conservation stand would enable us to photograph manuscripts and important documents at the resolutions required, helping us to preserve and access key regional resources of national and international significance. The equipment cost is £55,000. 

We are committed to recognising your support. From naming opportunities for buildings and rooms or academic posts and scholarships, to events publicly thanking our supporters, we would be delighted to discuss options with you.

Contact us today at or +44 (0)1392 723141 and help us to make the exceptional happen.

Exceptional Society and Culture

Understanding and enriching society and culture through the arts and social sciences is central to tackling some of the greatest challenges of our times. In an age of globalisation, there has never been a greater need to understand and engage effectively with different cultures.

Interpreting culture and heritage through Digital Humanities

At Exeter we’re pioneering the use of digital technology in Humanities, advancing both research and public understanding. 

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Examining literary and creative networks in the South West

The Ronald Duncan Literary Foundation supports a three-year PhD Studentship within the English Department. Its aim is to examine literary and creative networks in the South West.

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Exploring the science behind relationships

The Shackleton Relationships Project is funding a year-long research studentship examining why relationships succeed or fail.

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Increase impact through humanities research

Humanities at Exeter has a global reputation for excellence established over many years. 

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Exeter Law Future Fund

The Law School is committed to developing outstanding graduates and world-class research, making an impact on the legal agendas of the UK, the EU and the world.

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Supporting excellence through the Politics Fund

Drive forward research and support talented students by contributing to the Politics Fund.

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Support from A.G. Leventis Foundation exceeds £1 million

The A.G. Leventis Foundation has extended its support of research at the University of Exeter taking the total value to more than £1 million since the partnership was first formed 20 years ago.

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Exceptional literary research

Dr Daisy Hay, Senior English Lecturer at the University of Exeter, shares insights into her research and how philanthropy has supported her.

Supporting research into relationships

Baroness Fiona Shackleton (Law, 1977) speaks at the Campaign launch about her research partnership with Exeter that looks into the science behind successful relationships.

The European Centre for Palestinian Studies (ECPS)

The European Centre for Palestinian Studies (ECPS), was the first academic centre for Palestine studies in Europe and the first in the world within a university. 

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Uncovering the history of Powderham Castle

Researchers from the Digital Humanities team are using the latest digital technology to recreate the Courtenay medieval family tree, revealing the fascinating lifestories of their ancestors and their role in shaping national and local history.

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The Places of Poetry

The Places of Poetry will create a digital map of England and Wales, onto which poems of place, heritage and identity will be pinned in the course of a public campaign.

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Women in film

Calling the Shots: women and contemporary film culture in the UK’, a project led by academics at the University of Southampton and University of Exeter, showed that more than half of British films had no or just one woman in key production roles.

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