The Scholar's Fund

Support students with a regular donation to our fund.

Today's students face a challenging financial environment and this fund provides a wide range of support: maintenance grants, travel bursaries, sports and music scholarships. We want talented students to come to Exeter and realise their full potential, regardless of their financial circumstances.

By making a donation to the Scholars' Fund, you can help provide students access to a first-class education which they may not otherwise be able to afford and give them support whilst they are here. Your gift will support students' academic and personal development, and give them the opportunity to develop skills and knowledge that will serve them throughout their lives.

Growing up in Cornwall I never imagined I would have the opportunity to attend a prestigious university like Exeter and in reality I would not have been able to do so without the bursary that I receive. It has meant that I am financially secure and can fully concentrate on my studies without worrying about how I am going to afford to get by.

It has made me financially secure, allaying my concerns about being able to afford a university education. With this help I am able to attend events and networking opportunities across the country; to buy a laptop, essential textbooks, and revision guides, which has helped me to understand some of the more difficult aspects of my course.

With money being so tight in my life, this opportunity is one I am eternally grateful for. The funding will help provide me with the books I require to read and allow me to reach my full academic potential.