Benefits of leaving a legacy

Tax benefits

All donations to the University of Exeter in your Will are exempt from tax since the University of Exeter is a registered charity (our exempt charity number is X9538).

If your estate is liable to Inheritance Tax and you choose to leave 10% to charity in your Will, the inheritance tax for other beneficiaries may reduce from 40% to 36%. More information can be found on HM Revenue and Customs website.

You should ask your solicitor about your particular circumstances as inheritance tax can be affected by other issues.

The Legacy Circle

The Legacy Circle was established in 2007 in order to recognise the huge commitment made by all who have pledged a legacy to their University.

We currently have more than 170 members of the Circle and we list the names of all our new members in the annual Donor List. Members of the Legacy Circle are invited to special events and are sent an Annual Report with information about the progress of the University.

The current Chair of the Legacy Circle is Hugh MacDougald (Law 1976) who has been providing support for legacy giving since May 2010. We are pleased that he has chosen to commit to making his own legacy to the University.

The previous Chair was Mr Hugh Stubbs (History 1968) to whom we are most grateful for his help and encouragement.