The Exeter Endowment

Our ‘Exeter Forever Fund’

A permanent endowment, unrestricted in nature, aligned to the University’s strategic priorities and areas of greatest need.

Unlike many institutions of similar global standing, Exeter has never had an endowment underpinning its financial security for the long-term, one flexible enough to respond to future opportunities as they arise. This is why we have recently established the Exeter Forever Fund - the University’s permanent endowment, designed to build over time and secure a more financially independent institution in the years to come. All legacies donated to the University (except those with specific restrictions) will be invested in the Exeter Forever Fund - an investment in the power of an Exeter education to continue changing lives for the better, tackling some of the world’s most pressing issues and furthering understanding, not just now but over the years and generations to come. Only the gains and interest of the endowment are spent, and activities supported are aligned to the strategic priorities of the University at that time, wherever the need is greatest.