Supported projects

Funds raised through the Annual Fund support a variety of projects. Donations of any amount make a significant and immediate impact upon the quality of the Exeter experience for our students. See below to find out more about some of the diverse and exciting projects and initiatives that are supported by donations from our alumni and supporters.

Department ProjectDescriptionAmount awarded

Student's Guild

Nightline texting service

 Mobile texting service for students to access confidential help from Nightline listening service, enabling Nightline to receive text messages online and anonymously (in addition to support by phone, instant messenger and Skype)

Jointly funded with Education and Student Experience

over 3 years
   Diversity Week

 International Students’ Council (ISC) annual Diversity week to celebrate and highlight all cultural diversity of students and staff at the University

Jointly funded with Education and Student Experience

over 3 years
   The Exeter Carol Service Evangelical Christian Union’s annual city-wide Carol Service at St James’ Park football stadium £1,000 
   SW Model UN Conference  Model UN conference with student-delegates from other universities held in Exeter.
Jointly funded with SSIS and Humanities Colleges
   Chinese Market  Stalls and exhibits in 2017 Chinese New Year celebrations  £500
   Creative Writing Society Journal  Journal of prose, poetry and other creative writing by society members and artistic work by other students, available to the largest possible audience  £656
a capella
 Illuminations contemporary a capella group performing at Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2017  £500
   ESV Environmental Project  Exeter Student Volunteers’ conservation activities in Exeter and nearby, assisting local conservation and environmental projects. Has has included forest and beach clean-ups, planting and rebuilding fences  £600
   ExeTech Equipment Enhancement  Lighting and sound equipment: speakers, LED staging lights and LED bar for use at university events and student productions  £2,000
   Outdoor First Aid Course  Subsidy of couse costs for two-day Outdoor first aid course for several members of Expedition Society.  £420
The Producers
 Set and design costs for Exeter University Footlights Society’s musical production The Producers at Exeter Northcott Theatre  £1,000
   Animal Farm  Exeter University Theatre Company’s prodcion of Peter Hall’s play of George Orwell’s satire  £1,000
   Sweet Nothings  Acapella group Sweet Nothings performing 11 days/nights at Edinburgh Festival Fringe  £650
   Exeter Student Film Festival  Campus Cinema’s two day celebration of films made by Exeter students and alumni, including short films, a premiere of a reality TV show about Exeter students and an open air screening  £700
   Bluebelles Music Video   Funding towards costs of making a music video, all profits from associated sales will be donated to a local charity  £400
   Students Guild Self Harm Campaign  Social media and online campaign with on-campus events and exhibits to raise awareness and understanding of self harm (Guild Advice Unit and Mind Your Head Society)  £1,200
  The Exeter Revue  The Exeter Revue comedy society’s sketch show at Camden Fringe. £650
  Kung Fu Society China Trip 2017 Subsidising travel to Dengfeng in Henan Province, to train with a shaolin monk in August 2017 – bringing these skills back for new members £500
  XTV Outreach  2 DSLR camers and equipment to cover and produce more content and news from across the university and Exeter city £2,000
  Godspell Edinburgh Festival Fringe Shotgun Theatre Society’s production of Godspell musical on 15 nights at Edinburgh Festival Fringe £650
  Spotlights Edinburgh Fringe Musical variety show at Edinburgh Festival fringe (part of Exeter University Footlights) £650
  First aid training development and outreach Exeter University First Aid Society providing improved training to university students and community groups that is free of charge £1,823
  Exeter Student Volunteers ESV provides a range of volunteering opportunities for students to help others in the community – aiding employability and new skills. This funding will help start new projects and helping others that need more financial stability £500
  ExeTech Equipment Upgrade (B) Truss equipment for light rigging and events, replacement and addition to workshop tools for equipment maintenance and set or display design £2,000


 Cheerleading & Gymnastics  Inflatable tumble track so that enough members can practise more often for varsity teams and BUCS squads  £1,500
   Cricket scoreboard  New scoreboard at Topsham cricket ground
This will allow 1st XIs to play home matches at University grounds and improve the playing experience for all members
over 2 years
   Speleology (caving) society  Single Rope Technique (SRT) kits
SRT is used for ascending and descending big holes which means more caves can be explored. This will provide more opportunities on our trips for all our members using safe equipment.
   Rifle Club   3 new scopes and stands for spotting at both short and long ranges, enhancing the club’s development in regular practice and its competitive potential (especially at long range)  £1,237
   Windriders: WindSUPs  3 boards for Stand Up Paddleboarding to offer regular lessons and trips exploring local coastline  £1,713.90
   Trampoline Club
Spotting Rig
 Install a spotting rig in St Luke’s Sports Centre. This is a belay system with a rope, pulleys, swivels and a belt to safely support a trampolinist learning new skills  £1,465.66
  Float Fit

New water-based class at St Luke’s pool

‘Float It’ is a strength and conditioning exercise balancing on floating boards in the swimming pool
  Korfball Club Expansion and Improvement Strategy including training courses for student coaches and a shot clock. This will enable the club to compete at higher standards and provide quality training and practice for more members £1,150
  White water boats Enable more students to be involved in a greater variety of club trips and increase our involvement with the local kayaking community £960
  Triathlon and Swimming Clubs – long course Training  Fortnightly training in 50m pool for BUCS swimmers, increasing their preparation for BUCS, national and local triathlon/swimming events


over 2 years
  Water Polo Shot Clocks To meet regulations for teams to compete in BUCS Premier South league games at home £3,000
   Boat Club mens’ novice eight  Funding to help replace men’s novice eight which is used over 10 times per week, especially during term 1 when introducing new rowers to the water £3,000
  Sports Volunteer Scheme New ‘sports Volunteer scheme’ to improve provision of coaching and officiating for AU Clubs, improve students’ employability and reduce spending needed by clubs for external coaching £2,000


CSM Rugby Coaching Coaching support for strength and conditioning sessions twice a week  £2,000
over 2 years
  Archery Weekly Sessions Support for costs of instruction, taxi travel and new equipment to ensure that all members and new members can benefit from regular practise £939.10
  Falmouth Kayak Club Basic equipment and safety equipment to increase the number of students who can go on club river trips: boats, spray decks, cagoules, helmets, throw lines, tow lines £1,718.24
Big Play
Theatre productions Arcadia by Tom Stoppard and Twelfth Night £750
  FXU Activities Step-Up Fund  Training for students to gain qualifications for their club/activity/work – so that student groups can provide necessary training and supervision.
Courses including: H&S, safeguarding, accessibility, coaching, officiating, media, first aid
  Make FXU Athletic! Give Cornwall-based students improved training for high performance sport, for competition at BUCS and other national levels and increasing students’ fitness at Cornwall campuses £1,250
  Subculture Online Online magazine to ‘celebrate the overlooked, inform the oblivious’ – including music, art, fashion and politics for Cornwall and further afield £750
  Customised Dodgeballs Purchase of equipment including Dodgeballs for use at weekly training sessions and tournaments. £100
  Wild Doc Soc: SciFest FXU Wild Documentary Film Society hosting a Festival of Science Communication to bring science students and the arts together, and focus on creative ways of communicating science £1,142
  FXU Tridents Pads and safety equipment for American Football team’s women players £600

Life and




Above and beyond the Cornish coast EcoSoc ornithology conference focusing on research about Cornish coastal birds
With Cornwall Bird Watching Preservation Society, British Trust for Ornithology and the University.
  Women in STEMM Network Advice and opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in science, engineering, and/or medicine, with guest speakers, workshops and industry visits
Jointly funded with Medical School, CEMPS and Communications and Marketing
  Operation Hedgehog!  Working with schools to introduce children to conservation and biological recording of hedgehogs in Cornwall £1,248
over 3 years
  Biosciences PG student sport Indoor hockey sessions to support and improve mental wellbeing of Biosciences postgraduates £320
  Marine Photography Summer School Photography training for observations, objects and organisms in and under water. £1,850
  Psychologia Print and open-access psychology journal for undergraduate students, refereed and reviewed by postgraduate students £300
  BioBlitz 2017 1-day event of biological surveying and environmental activities open to all. With pond dipping, meadow sweeps, ID walks, mammal trapping, bird ringing, bat walks and exhbitors £700
  Ant Lab Student-led and directed research group for studying colonies of native ants – students will design and implement projects and lead the group purely for student research including dissertation projects and summer placements, and leading to engaging practicals for teaching and outreach £2,000
  Undergraduate genome sequencing Undergraduates using Biosciencs Sequencing Facility to identify the genes that can protect living organisms (Tardigrades) from exposure to harsh environments (eg. dehydration, X-rays and vacuums) £2,261.10
  Operation ROVER Joint project with local secondary schools to build an underwater Remotely Operated Vehicle (ROV) and use this for investigating the marine environment at depths up to 100m £2,030


Maths and


 CSM Virtual Museum Mineral Catalogue ‘Virtual Museum’ of all specimens from the Camborne School of Mines’ geology collection of minerals. This will be an online catalogue with relevant information about each piece and links to other resources on each mineral. £1,840
  Geoadventures  Monthly trips for geologists (amateur to PhD) exploring geological sites with external guides and collaborating with student societies
Also workshops on cultural aspects of geology such as soil recognition for wild plant foraging and flint knapping tools
  Enhancing fieldwork skills and experience of geoscience students Develop and build fieldwork abilities of geoscience and surveying students, especially using GPS equipment to collect data in the field and linking this back to GIS (geographic information system) software. £1,500
  Renewable Energy Group Games Pilot for an annual one-day event at Penryn campus for all Renewable Energy students to encourage interaction, increase familiarity, reduce barriers and foster team spirit and cooperation. £2,000
  RTI student projects Photographic equipment to increase activity for undergraduate projects. RTI (Reflectance Transformation Imaging) is a technique to combine multiple photos to investigate the three-dimensional properties of an object £1,300


Queens of Syria Screening of Queens of Syria documentary, followed by Q&A with the filmmaker and a performer, to discuss use of theatre for therapy, campaigning and to empower women £600
  Translation Festival 1-day festival dedicated to translation of all kinds for cultural, literary and artistic use £2,000
  Managing Nature: ancient poetry and modern farming Taking groups studying classical didactic poetry (including Hesiod’s Works and Days, Nicander’s Theriaca, Virgil’s Georgics) to discuss these manuals’ advice and methods with local farms, vineyard or beekeepers £787.15
  European Film Festival  Screenings and discussion of European films for cultural, artistic and academic understanding through different language and presenation £400
  2017 Medical Humanities Conference Showing diversity of medical humanities research with networking and discussion across disciplinary boundaries £1,500
  Centre for Early Modern Studies PG Conference Two-day conference for students in English, History, Drama, and Visual Arts – special empashis on Performance in early modern research £600 over 3 years
  Exetera Magazine 40-page arts and culture magazine published 3 times per year with high quality fine artwork, photography, illustrations and written commentary £300
  Cinema Paradiso  Film making project for Film Studies students £700
  Time and Tide: Heritage on the Beach

Public event with students from Exeter and Cornwall campuses conducting large public surveys at Perranporth to gather data on public awareness of its mining heritage and current vulnerability.

Plus informal talks on the beach by local museum volunteers and project academics on the geology, mining and history of the cliffs.

Jointly funded with CEMPS

Social Sciences




Philosophize Create a network of philosophy clubs in schools run each week by Philosophy and Education students.
Following 6 weeks of philosophy sessions, children come to the university to discuss and share ideas with children in other philosophy clubs at the Philosophize Conference
  The Diplomatic Hub International affairs and diplomacy events including talks by researchers, practitioners in international affairs, as well as Ambassador visits £1,180
  Women and Law Student group and events to draw attention to the challenges faced by women in the legal profession and provide a platform to discuss and improve these issues £1,600
Medical School Inspiring corridors Transform the corridor space of small group learning rooms in the Medical School Building by displaying poster boards with images of collaborative learning conducted by students £2,007
  Medsoc Football Club League and competition entries, playing kit and transport costs for varsity games, NAMS (the national medical school football competition), games against local teams, doctors and dentists;  enhancing the reputation of UEMS, developing relationships with other medical schools and doctors in the local area £1,620
  Research laboratory placement  Supporting up to 10 First Year Medical Sciences student projects shadowing research in a research laboratory, to enhance their understanding of research practices and inspire some to choose a scientific career after graduating £2,000
  UEMS Truro SSU Conferences Conference/Exhibition organised by year 4 Medical Students to show their work from Special Study Units, including Doctors as Teachers and Medical Humanities. £1,000
  Women's Health Conference Exeter Obs & Gynae Society (EOGS) one day conference with talks from sexual, reproductive and female health specialties with Q+A sessions to discuss topical women’s health issues £873
  Stories of Illness  Prodction of teaching videos about Parkinson’s Disease for medical students and public education – the videos will follow a film production of Sue Wylie’s play Kinetics £2,000
  INSPIRE Supplementary Research Studentship Summer research studentship for a first to fourth year medical student to gain experience and understanding of research £1,250
Business School  International Week Exeter International Week is a network of student societies hosting a group of international student visitors for a week. Exeter students will host c.15 students from different countries and members have the chance to join a similar visit away from Exeter.


over 2 years 
  Beyond ‘namaste’ Yoga, meditation and mindfulness sessions to help students learn to be aware of and manage their levels of stress £2,000
  Lecture Capture Investigation Stage 1 of a large scale study investigating arguments for and against lecture capture (videoed/recorded lectures) £3,359

Education and



Creative Careers Week Workshops, lectures, Q&A panels and presentations for students interested in working in the Creative sector £5,000
  Grand Challenges Interdisciplinary, enquiry-led learning experience for students working in small groups to create a solution to a global issue or challenge such as climate change, global security or mental health £1,232.50
Campus Services Bike Transfer Scheme  To start an ongoing scheme that will exchange unwanted bikes in term 3 for re-sale in September to the next cohort of students
Funded by Students’ Guild
  Nightline Breakfast

Breakfast for Nightline student volunteers after their overnight shift

Funded by Students’ Guild
Department ProjectDescriptionAmount awarded

Student's Guild

 Environmental  Project

 Transport and gloves for student volunteers on  conservation trips.

   The Witness  politics journal

 Design and printing for student politics journal.

   Debating Society  Travel Fund

 Travel for competitions

   The Exeter Revue  show

 Support towards costs of show at Edinburgh Fringe  Festival 2016

   Education Awards

 Event to celebrate student Academic Representatives and recognise  the  estimated 9,000 hours they give.

   Diversity Week

 Support towards costs of events in Diversity Week.

   Footlights Set  Building and  Storage

 Building a re-useable stage set for future productions and hire of storage  space.

   Sweet Nothings a  capella group

 Recording costs for a charity single. Sales proceeds will go to the Music  Therapy Unit at Honeylands.

   Refreshers Week

 Support for event costs of this chance for students to join societies and  groups in term 2.

   International  Week  2016

 Transport and activities for the cultural exchange week in Exeter

   Chinese Market

 Support towards costs of stalls during events to celebrate Chinese New  Year.

   Razz Print  Magazine:  Diversity edition

 Print costs of this student magazine covering art, culture and lifestyle in  Exeter.

 over 2  years
   Summer  Adventures  (ESV)

 Summer Camp for young carers (8-15) to have a break from their  caring  responsibilities at home, run by student volunteers.

   EUG&S  Charitable  Christmas Gala

 Support for putting on a Gilbert and Sullivan Christmas concert for  charity.

   Eating  Disorders  peer  support group

 Student wellbeing project led by Mind Your Head Society to train 6-8  students each year to help students with eating disorders through running  an Eating Disorder peer support group.

 over 3  years
   Bracton Law  Society

 Transport costs for committee members attending young alumni network  event.



 Trampoline  Club

 Coaching courses for student members

   Rifle Club  Developments  Digital equipment for shooting practise and training, Competition standard  rifle.  £3,380
   EUCSC 20 Bore  (clay pigeon  shooting  20-bore shotgun for ladies  £1,000
   Golf  Floodlights for Vic Ambler University Golf Centre  £5,000
   University of  Exeter Korfball  Club  Purchase of a new set of league-approved goal posts.  £970
   Sailing Club  Firefly  Project  Support towards cost of 3 new Firefly dinghies to complete a full set of 6  boats required for team racing.  £5,150
   Athlete  Development  Centre multi-  purpose track  Suitable flooring for use with push or pull-able equipment for training with  horizontal resistance. This track will also mean sports clubs and student  athletes can use more of the equipment in the training centre.  £5,000


 Falmouth Anchor  student  newspaper  Expand the student newspaper for Falmouth and Penryn campuses by 8  pages to cover more stories and serve a wider audience.  £1,250
   Camborne School  of Mines Football  Club  New match kit for representing the University’s Cornwall campuses in  Saturday league and other fixtures  £500
   Underwater  Hockey Club  Playing equipment for the Club to introduce more new players and raise the  standard of team training.  £1,105
   FXU Media  Provide equipment and storage for FXU media groups in a suitable space for  the groups to work and produce print, radio and digital content.  £3,940
 over 2  years
   FXU Swimming  Charity Gala  Support for costs of organising charity swimming gala in Penryn/Falmouth.  
   EcoSoc  1. Introduce students to biological recording platforms to ensure their  records feed into local and national biological records centres.
 2. Workshops to help students improve species identification and mapping  skills.
 over 2  years

Life and




 Asian Bees  Develop media applications and materials with students from the Indian  Institute of Science Education and Research to share knowledge about  pollination with school children in the capital and rural areas of Kerala and  among farming communities.  £4,000  over 2  years
   Students  against  Sexual  Violence  Aims to develop a student-driven campaign to identify and overcome  barriers  to students reporting abuse and accessing support following sexual  assault.  £1,000
   EcoFish Exeter  Enable students to support sustainable fishing practices in the South West  through conducting surveys, promoting sustainable fishing and observing  fishing practice.  £2,000
   Bioblitz  Support for a 24-hour biodiversity surveying event, studying wildlife on and  around Penryn Campus alongside other nature based activities, open to the  public.  £1,500
   Inspiring the  next  generation of  scientists  Outreach programme to engage children of primary school age in Cornwall  in scientific activity and discovery, conducted by academic staff and  students.  £950
   Mapping Sense  of  Place  Trial and evaluate a process of collective participatory mapping to help  students  gain a sense of place and belonging when they come to Exeter.  £1,800


Maths and


 Promoting  engagement in  STEM with Female  Role Models  Promote science subjects among girls by developing female role models,  especially by encouraging female engineering students to teach and present  in schools and colleges.  £5,250
   Geological  Information  Systems for  Geoscientists  iPads and GIS software for computer-based analysis and teaching on a  three-day field course.  £6,000


 Femmes  Créa(c)tives  Support for 2-day conference celebrating and exploring the contributions of  women in the creative arts and media from around the Francophone world.  £2,000
   Walt Whitman  Week  Support for annual international conference about Walt Whitman’s life,  career  and works, this year being held in Exeter.  £3,000
   Poltimore  Festival  Student-run festival to show creative talent among both students and the  wider Exeter community.  £2,000
   Care Homes  Reading Project  Project for student volunteers reading to elderly people and vulnerable  adults living in residential care, to offer companionship, interaction, share  poetry, plays, and novels and helping to manage some ageing conditions.  £3,500
   Italians in Exeter:  Memories, Cinema  and Language  Project to create contacts between students of Italian and Italians living  locally through public screenings of Italian films and discussion in Italian)  about memories of cinema-going and Italy.  £550
   Lecture Series and  Roundtable on US  Presidential  Election 2016  Series of lectures and a roundtable discussion giving various perspectives on  the current election, previous elections and cultural representations of the  presidency.  £670

Social Sciences




 Exit Polling  (National Assembly  for Wales election  2016) Support for exit polling in South Wales by Exeter students. Aiming to evaluate aspects of the proportional representation system in Wales.  £1,650
   Global Exe Interactive ‘Forum Theatre’ project to promote cultural integration and conflict resolution. The actors perform a short play for the audience, then the audience can join the play to replace characters and actions to change the outcome.  £400
   Modern Middle  Eastern Languages  Collection Equip IAIS silent study room with bookshelves, books, periodicals, newspapers and dictionaries to improve students’ learning of Middle Eastern Languages.  £2,000
   The Diplomatic Hub Marketing and guest speakers for events to discuss refugees, climate change, sustainable business practices and the European Union  £615
   Negotiation  Competition Promote the practice of Negotiation as a professional skill among Law students with an internal competition and selecting teams for the national competition.  £4,500  over 3  years
Medical School  INSPIRE Research  Studentships Funding for up to two additional students to undertake a summer holiday research post in the INSPIRE project organised by the Wellcome Trust and the Academy of Medical Sciences.  £2,000
   Student  Conference Fund Funding to cover costs including travel, accommodation or delegate fees for students attending academic conferences.  £2,454
   Student-designed  teaching materials Pilot program for a summer placement for a student to work with teaching staff to design and create teaching materials for use by all students on a particular module or programme.  £900
   Pint of Science  Exeter International public engagement project to present talks on a range of science subjects to the public and students in a relaxed environment (a Pub!).
Equipment for talks at 4 different pubs in Exeter over 3 nights in May 2016.
   Augmented reality  teaching resources  for Anatomy Pilot study to develop and test augmented reality software for studying anatomy. This might enable a mobile device to access extra information when viewing a physical model.  £1,100
   Inspiring Spaces Decorate the Medical School foyer with art work and the achievements of UEMS students in the theme of ‘science and clinical practice’.  £2,090
   VS (VeryStudious) Develop a study resource portal created and run by students with resources created and identified by students to improve self-directed learning for those studying for Medical Science and associated courses.  £1,100
Business School  Enhanced Study  Skill Guides Produce new study guides for all Business School students
1 – a revised Guide to Citing, Referencing, and Avoiding Plagiarism;
2 – a new Guide to Understanding Academic Sources
   Volcube Derivatives  Trading Platform Subscription costs for 300 students to use Volcube trading game to learn about and practise options trading.  £5,000

Education and



 School Sports  Engagement days  Events for local secondary school children, to engage them to consider attending university and show the sports and health opportunities provided. Talks, active seminars and taster sessions to introduce other sports.  £2,600
   PGR Peer  Mentoring Project Peer mentoring for postgraduate research (PGR) students to help foster a creative and supportive environment for PhD students.  £1,500
   Chapel Choir choral  scholarships  Ten choral scholarships for Chapel Choir.  £3,000
Campus Services  Campus Challenge Physical challenges on campus such as ‘row the English Channel’, possibly with competition between different Halls of residence.  £6,000  over 3  years


and Marketing

 Women in STEMM  Network Provide advice and opportunities for students interested in pursuing a career in science, engineering, and/or medicine, with guest speakers, workshops and industry visits.  £2,000
ProjectDescriptionAmount awarded
American Football Blocking Sled

The Annual Fund money will be used to purchase blocking sleds which will increase the American Football experience at the University of Exeter. This project has great longevity, with blocking sleds being fit for purpose for a minimum of seven years. It will help with the steps the club is making towards a more professional and enjoyable student experience.

Audience, Experience, Desire - Immersive theatre, participatory performance and the growth of “experience” entertainment industries.”

This project is a conference organised by PhD researchers in Drama, aimed at national and international Post-Graduate and Early-Career researchers from the South West and Wales Consortium Universities, and UK-wide institutions. The conference is themed around immersive and participatory theatre practices, and the growing “experience” entertainment industry which borrows from interactive and immersive theatre techniques.

E-learning for clinical skills

The aim of the project is to provide video guidance for all the clinical skills that are examined. The project will provide webpages for each of the clinical skills that are examined as part of the University of Exeter Medical School courses. Students will be able to watch these as part of their preparation for their Clinical Skills sessions, and prior to assessments; the webpages can also be used to train examiners prior to assessments.

Employability Peer support in the Medical School

The project will promote the wide range of career options available to students in the Medical School. This will consist of two main strands: Assisting with the organisation and promotion of Medical School ‘Translational Science Seminars.’ These new seminars will promote how a science degree leads into a wide range of different careers and will be open to all students. This will include talks from internal and external speakers, as well as alumni. Creating online employability resources through ELE. The resources will focus on what potential jobs are like, the key skills required and what is a typical career path for a Medical School graduate.

EUSC: Opportunities for Long Course (50m)Training

The project involves fortnightly trips to the swimming centres in either Bristol or Plymouth for the BUCS team to have a training session in a 50m pool. The money from the project will cover the pool hire expenses and travel to and from the pool. The project will allow the club’s members to prove that increased quality training sessions will help develop swimming at Exeter.

ExP Talks: Café Sci Penryn

The aim of the project is to attract world leading external speakers to give talks at Café Scientifique and to use social media and a podcast to maximise the impact of these talks. Café Scientifique is an internationally recognised forum where, for the price of a drink, everyone can explore the latest ideas in science and technology in an informal, non-academic setting.

ExSEL (Exeter Students Ethiopia Link)

The aim of the project is to involve students more in an existing link between University of Exeter Medical School and Wollega University Medical School in Ethiopia. The underlying principle is that exposure to life in a low income country will engender a deep understanding of global issues. This project is intended to be the start of a much longer partnership between the medical school students and also the launch of partnerships between other faculties.

Modern Folk_Traditional Culture and Community in the Southwest

The project is a series of creative workshops with local schoolchildren led by the undergraduate students with an academic in a supervisory role. The workshops will follow on from the proposed event ‘Modern Folk: Traditional Culture and Community in the Southwest.’ This will be a collage of academic talks, musical performances and readings to be held at Helston Museum. This event will centre around the legacy of the Southwest’s intangible cultural heritage and oral traditions, and will combine cutting-edge research by Exeter University’s leading academics, together with music and literature.

Neuroscience Symposium

The Neuroscience Symposium (a one-day conference) will bring together academics and students across disciplines to promote and discuss their research into the multi-faceted aspects of neuroscience. It will offer a keynote lecture, poster presentations, seminar/discussion groups and crucial networking opportunities.

PearShaped Exeter Annual

The Annual Fund will provide new and returning students with a comprehensive, collated guide to the vibrant music culture both within the city and at the University. Whilst providing this useful information to a wider student body, it would also benefit the Music Groups, societies, bands, event companies and venues – the vast majority of which are enterprises run by students also. It will also demonstrate the high-quality journalism that the PearShaped website offers, and will advertise the useful services and opportunities to those who want to write, Music associated collectives who want to promote, and a wider audience who want to stay in touch with what is going on in the city. Visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

Picnic tables for St Luke's

The Annual Fund support will be used to purchase more picnic tables which will increase the available seating by 50%. Tables will be based at St Luke’s quad to enable students to make full use of the space.

Sandbox: Landscape Evolution Augmented Reality Model

The Annual Fund money will be used to purchase the Augmented Reality (AR) Sandbox. AR is a teaching tool which was first created at the University of California Davis that allows 3D visualisation of geographical and earth science concepts. It consists of a sandbox, a Kinect 3D camera, a data projector, a recent-model PC with a graphics card and freely available, open-source software to create an augmented reality, tactile, physical model. The software projects a topographic colour map and contour lines on to the sand surface and this map is updated in real-time as the actual sand surface is manipulated, and virtual water (or lava) flows over the sand surface realistically. Manual manipulation of the sand surface changes the topography and the software updates the map overlay to reflect this. Overlain upon this, the software can also display surface flows, such as rivers, debris flows or lava and different sea levels, all of which change behaviour and location when the sand surface and thus the topography are changed.

School of Sports Sciences and High Performance Sport support

The Annual Fund will allow the purchase of three Wattbikes, predominantly for use in the University’s Athlete Development Centre. The Wattbike was created with British Cycling to provide an affordable indoor bike for training and testing that is suitable for everyone from school children to Olympic Gold Medallists. It records 39 parameters 100 times per second and can be used to accurately measure power output, muscular endurance and heart rate. It can also assess pedalling technique so it is of great use for our cyclists and triathletes especially. The Wattbike is also extremely useful in the rehabilitation of injured athletes and is very easy to use; no specialist training is required for athlete or coach.

Solar boat challenge: Entry to the World Cup

This project will provide opportunities for Clean Energy students to engage with students across disciplines to promote solar energy technologies. Students will engage in curricular and extra-curricular activities to engineer solar powered boats, they will compete in a high profile, international competition and they will establish a UK based competition to showcase the engineering prowess of Exeter students.

Stop Wildlife Crime, Protect Malawi’s Wildlife

The film “Stop Wildlife Crime, Protect Malawi’s Wildlife” was produced by a 2nd year Zoology student at the University of Exeter over Christmas 2014. The aim of the film is to act as a conservation tool, informing the people of Malawi about the benefits of wildlife as well as the consequences of poaching and trafficking. It has recently been shown on Malawian national television, and has the backing of the Malawian President, Peter Mutharika. The Annual Fund support will be used to:

-Construct a bicycle powered projector system to show “Stop Wildlife Crime, Protect Malawi’s Wildlife”

- Tour Malawi showing the film to remote communities unable to access TVs - Give talks and educate people about the benefits of wildlife

- Take as many Malawian school children as possible to national parks in Malawi

- Produce a film of the events above, film to be shown to a global audience

Student Mediation Service

The aim of the project is to create a peer support service offering mediation for students around a number of issues including student disputes, such as housemate issues, club/society issues, bullying and harassment. Trained student mediators will work with the affected parties to try and find resolution to appropriate issues as the first stage in resolving such matters, before potential progression to formal complaints leading to use of the University and Guild disciplinary processes.

University of Exeter Ultimate Frisbee Club Equipment Rejuvenation

The purpose of the project is to enhance the experience of student members of the Ultimate Frisbee club. The project is based on the rejuvenation and renewal of equipment to aid the recruitment and retention of members to what is very much a take up sport at University, offering participation opportunities for those students who have not previously actively played sport or played at a competitive level. The funding will be used to acquire the new equipment so that taster and training sessions, now and in future years, will run more efficiently. The funds will also provide four new captains the opportunity to attend a Level One coaching course in preparation for next year. Visit the Ultimate Frisbee Club on Facebook and Twitter.

 ProjectDescriptionAmount awarded 
Big Band plays at Montreux Jazz Festival Big Band has been given the once in a lifetime opportunity to play at Montreux Jazz Festival in July this year - one of the most prestigious jazz events in the world. Previous artists include Stevie Wonder, Nina Simone, Duke Ellington, Miles Davis. This is by far the most exciting opportunity the band has ever had, and a fantastic chance to represent the University of Exeter on an international stage. £5,000.00
Dugouts for Topsham Sports Ground Topsham Sports Ground is the premier sports facility for rugby, lacrosse, football and cricket. The rugby pitch there is well maintained by a full-time Grounds man who manages the site. However, there are no dugouts on this pitch. As such the Annual Fund money will be used to purchase two eight-man dugouts (for Home & Away teams) to be stationed on the rugby pitch, including concrete beneath to ensure they remain useable in all weather conditions. £4,976.00
Electronic Scoreboard & Clock: An opportunity to enhance spectator and player experience in hockey at the University of Exeter. The purpose of the project is to invest in an electronic scoreboard and clock to be mounted on the water-based Astroturf in the Streatham Sports Park. The aims of this exercise are to enhance the hockey experience at the University whilst also continuing to attract players to engage and participate in the sport. With this pitch being used not only by the University’s Men’s and Ladies Clubs but also national league sides such as Isca Hockey Club, the scoreboard would benefit the wider community as well as students. The pitch hosts Devon County sides and junior sides and with such a professional asset we will continue to attract prospective young sportsmen and women hoping to play hockey and study at the University of Exeter.  £4,801.91
EUSAC – Boat Refit and Expansion Exeter University Sub Aqua Club (EUSAC) is one of the 49 clubs run under the Athletic Union and a member of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC); the charity governing body for scuba diving. Due to a lack of club equipment, the amounts of dives the club can offer is severely reduced. This poses a risk to the viability of the club as, without higher levels of qualification, it will be impossible to sign off the earlier stages and lead to a ‘catch 22’ regarding training. Through the Annual Fund, this investment enables us to buy, upgrade and perform maintenance on boat equipment, making the sport more accessible to our members and the University as a whole, increasing the safety of our excursions and enabling us to provide a greater wealth of experience to our members. £2,378.00
ExeTech Technical Upgrade The project aims to upgrade ExeTech’s technical capabilities in areas of sound, lighting and projection. The equipment which will be purchased will not only increase the quality of the equipment in the M&D Room but will also allow us to provide better support to student events in other venues. £5,000.00
Maths & Numeracy Training for Employability The aim of the project is to set up a maths and numeracy skills training scheme. The training will support students across disciplines within the other Colleges, specifically the College of Social Science and International Studies, but eventually across a wider community of students. The content covered will focus around the maths and numeracy skills associated with various graduate scheme application and recruitment processes. £1,232.80
Peer Support Leader Recognition

The proposed project will develop a reward and recognition programme for the peer leaders at the University. This will include personal and professional development opportunities involving a range of activities. These will include:

  • an annual peer leader awards ceremony with invitations to senior management and local business leaders to permit networking and industry insights
  • recognition for high levels of effort in supporting students through opportunities for career development through connecting with suitable industry experts
  • extra training/attendance at suitable events for top leaders (these events and activities will also offer the opportunity for leaders to network with other leaders at Exeter and from other institutions).

We aim to elevate the position of peer programmes so they are recognised as the highly valuable contributor to the students learning programme that they represent. Peer programmes offer a unique opportunity for the development of a range of attributes and skills both valued by employers and also clearly connected with academic achievement and retention.

Refurbishment of keyboard instruments

Having served countless students and staff since they were first purchased, the time has come for these now elderly and tired instruments to have much needed, thorough maintenance carried out to preserve them from further deterioration and to ensure they remain available to meet the heavy demand for pianos on campus. In addition to the grand pianos, the Music Office has a fine-looking harpsichord that is in need of some attention to restore it to its former glory. The harpsichord represents a genre of music that cannot be performed on campus due to the poor state of this once fine instrument.

With the help of a skilled piano tuner, the Music Office has compiled a list of maintenance and restoration that will be funded by the University’s Annual Fund. The funding will make a considerable contribution to extending the longevity of a valuable group of instruments that would be far too costly to replace. With the grand pianos and the harpsichord rejuvenated, the continuation of the University of Exeter providing first-rate opportunities for its students and staff to be actively involved in music can continue.

Semi-Toned East Coast USA Tour 2015 This year, Semi-Toned, Exeter A Cappella Society’s all-male group, will be setting out on their first ever international tour, visiting the East Coast of the USA. From the 12th to the 23rd of April, the group will be visiting Boston, Washington D.C. and New York City, and performing with groups from top American Universities like Harvard, Yale and Princeton. On top of this, the group is planning to host workshops at schools, and perform both in public and at prestigious venues like the British Embassy in Washington. This tour will be a huge step for the group, and a massive publicity opportunity for the University and its thriving musical community. £5,000.00
SPRINT: Supporting women's professional development in Exeter.

Sprint is a ground-breaking new development programme designed for undergraduate women of all ages, from all backgrounds and stages in their lives and study. Sprint is designed to develop female students to their fullest potential and address study and career issues. The aims of this project are 3-fold:

  • to deliver a specific and tailored female personal and professional career development programme (‘SPRINT’) to complement existing employability provision
  • to address perceptions of lack of skills fit and low career aspirations of well qualified female students, in both HASS and STEM/M disciplines
  • to engage alumni, local employers and female role models in the delivery of the SPRINT programme to build case studies, networks and contacts.
Student Wellbeing Activity Referral Scheme

The wellbeing referral scheme is a support service for students who have mental health difficulties and/or physical conditions where exercise can assist in the management of the condition, alongside any professional / therapeutic advice or medication prescribed by the GP.

The project aims to forge stronger links between Wellbeing Services and the Sports facilities to support and provide additional services to help students improve their health conditions. The scheme assists students to more effectively manage their (mental) health difficulties so that they can continue to succeed in their studies. 

University of Exeter Korfball Club The University of Exeter Korfball Club is aiming to expand the opportunities for a growing sport that finds the balance between casual and competitive game play. The Annual Fund award will be spent to purchase new posts to expand and develop the playing opportunities for current members as well as being able to provide additional arrangements for new members. Currently the club uses second hand non-collapsible wicker posts which are unsuitable for training and league matches as they cannot be transported to different venues around the city; these old style posts also do not comply with league regulations, and as a result the club is dependent on Exeter City Korfball Club lending them equipment for league matches. As part of the project the club will also look to refurbish the existing posts to provide additional opportunities for beginners in addition to purchasing new posts. £789.99
Women in Science In conjunction with The Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society and the Falmouth Café Scientifique the project presents two women-in-science-themed activities. The first is a seminar featuring talks from Cornwall-based experts from a variety of fields: including mining, human health, marine renewable energy, animal behaviour, and medicine. The evening will begin with a keynote address from Sarah Newton, MP, and the seminar will be followed by a reception at which audience members can mingle with scientists and find out everything they wanted to know about research, community science, science education, and more. The second activity will extend for the duration of British Science Week (13th-22nd March). During this time, The Poly will host an interactive display created by University of Exeter Penryn Campus scientists. Using posters, banners, interactive displays, and giveaways, the project organisers will show how women have contributed to science as researchers, policy-makers, activists, and communicators. This project is a fantastic way to bring together a wide variety of people for the purpose of learning, networking, and celebrating the decennary of the Cornwall campus. £1,200.00
 ProjectDescriptionAmount awarded 
Research Uncovered

Research Uncovered is a series of interdisciplinary lectures given by staff from the University of Exeter, which aims to make research more accessible, not only to students but to staff and members of the local community. These are open lectures, and anyone can attend. Lectures cover a broad range of topics and there is bound to be something for everyone.


Responding to NSSFeedback and the Employability Agenda: Pilot Development, Delivery and Evaluation of a Written Wellbeing Self-Help Intervention to Overcome Presentation Anxiety in the Student Population.

The aim of the project is to develop and facilitate a low-intensity, self-help intervention, based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) for specific implementation and use by the student population at the University of Exeter. CBT self-help interventions are recognised by NICE for the treatment of mild to moderate anxiety and depression based mental health difficulties and implemented across England by the Department of Health. The proposal aims to use a CBT evidence based intervention called ‘exposure therapy’ but adapt it within the written self-help intervention to make it bespoke and tailored in language, appearance and general ‘feel’ to a University of Exeter student population experiencing distressing and impactful levels of presentation anxiety.


The Cornwall Early Researchers Forum Series

This project aims to use the unique strength in depth of biological scientists available at College of Life and Environmental Sciences (CLES)in Cornwall to establish an annual International week-long forum for early careers researchers (PhD to Fellow). The theme of each forum will change annually, but be targeted at cutting-edge questions in organismal biology. Plenary and delegate talks on the theme will be interspersed with workshop style sessions on how to write high impact publications and obtain grants. This is all part of CLES Cornwall’s drive to enhance post-graduate (PGR) experience and raise international profile and reputation, and by doing so, help Exeter into the world top 100 research universities.


RAW Emerging Arts Platform

The RAW Emerging Arts Platform is designed to create direct links between 3rd year students, MA students, alumni and potential employers. The primary target group are Drama students. The secondary target group are those interested in performance work across the University. The RAW Platform is produced by the Drama Department in conjunction with the Northcott Theatre and the College Employability Office. It consists of two series of events:
1. Platform performances at the Exeter Northcott in June and October. The work of at least four student groups will be shown at each series of performances.
2. Targeted workshops from alumni and other specialists offering training in such areas as fundraising, booking a tour, self-employment & tax, aimed at students about to graduate and set up theatre companies or as individual theatre-makers.


Shotgun Theatre presents: 'Rent'

With the success of Spring Awakening last year, Shotgun Theatre aims to make their January production of RENT at the Exeter Phoenix bigger than ever. The project is a production of the show ‘Rent’ for four nights at the Exeter Phoenix in January 2015. ‘Rent’ will be by far the largest scale show of the groups' year, and offers the opportunity for over half of the members to be a part of a production in a professional venue.


Community First Aid

Exeter LINKS is the university’s first aid society, as well as a student-run division of St John Ambulance (SJA). This year, for the first time we are working with the regional SJA HQ to provide students with the opportunity to go on a formal accredited first aid course free of charge, without the obligation to become a formal volunteer.


Forum Exhibitions by Art Society

Art Society wishes to install two exhibitions in The Forum over this academic year: one in Term 1 and one in Term 2. Each of these will be of work produced by Art Society members around a stimulating and contemporary theme, and will provide a chance for members to showcase their work produced in classes as well as at home, in a public and central setting. This will hopefully inspire students, staff and visitors to the university alike, and offer a student-based exhibition to complement the many external or professional exhibitions shown there.

Formula Student Years 3-5

With Annual Fund support, Exeter has participated twice in the Formula Student Competition, in which a team of students design, build and compete with a single seat race car at Silverstone. The competition requires them to pitch their prototype to investors for series manufacturing. The 20 or more students who take part in the competition are supported by many more who participate with their individual design or research projects, or by all kinds of other help. The project is open to all Exeter students to participate, and social events such as karting will be used to raise funds and to select drivers from the student community. The event is a flagship for student engineering and is well attended by a range of engineering and other employers such as Shell, Jaguar Land Rover, Airbus, Bosch , Nissan, all of whom are keen to attract the best graduates. They recognise the invaluable experience gained by students who have to work in teams as in real life, agree their designs, persuade sponsors, and complete on time.


Keep Your Kool & Gotta Hottie

Keep your Kool and Gotta Hottie are two student-led projects that were born out of the Penryn campus waste audit held in February 2014. The aim of the projects is to reduce the quantity of single-use disposable plastics used on campus. In the three R's mantra of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle, this campaign is designed to maximise on the first two, with the reusable bottles being ultimately recyclable at the end of their long life.


Spirit of PGL Pyranha kayaks

The purpose of the project is to purchase 6 kayaks which have been awarded to Falmouth Student Kayak Club on a 12 month loan, after winning National Student Rodeo 2014 (NSR) ‘Spirit of the PGL Award’. The club aims to accommodate a larger number of students next year, and the acquisition of these kayaks will enable a larger number of students to become more actively involved with the sport. This quality of boat allows also for the diversification of kayaking location, the club will be able to take members surf kayaking and river kayaking with relative ease improving the overall student experience.


Thomas Hardy and Clothing: Sharing Student-Led Research

This project will create a research database of references to fashion in Thomas Hardy’s writing and biography and promote knowledge and enjoyment of Hardy and the Victorians, developing understanding both of one of Britain’s foremost writers and the time in which he lived. The database will highlight the importance of fashion in Hardy’s writing, providing references to the fiction, poetry and other writing, and offering annotations on historical, social and political context. The database will also provide links to digital images of clothing worn by Hardy, his friends and relatives. It will be a rich educational resource on nineteenth-century clothing for BA, MA and PhD students at Exeter as well as for members of the public.


Agatha Christie - Hidden Horizons 2015

The funds will be spend to organise a two-day conference which will celebrate the life and work of the detective fiction novelist Agatha Christie, encouraging professional development for researchers within the humanities and beyond. It will also provide considerable benefits to research communities and resources within the humanities. The conference will take place on 13th and 14th of April 2015 and will be open for all staff and students to attend.


Diversity Month

Diversity Month activities are an opportunity for the University of Exeter and the Students’ Guild at all three campuses to celebrate and highlight cultural diversity in all its forms within our wide ranging student and staff community and to the community within which we sit. The event will be divided into four themed weeks across an academic year:
Food and Culture, 13-17 October; Violence against women, 24-28 November; Diversity celebration, 2-6 March; International Women’s festival 9-13 March (tbc)


Exeter University Performance Training Facility

The aim of the project is to convert and utilise an unused space in to a functional training area for the use of team training. The project will directly benefit 94% of AU members who are ineligible for High Performance support. An increase in support for teams will provide an increase in Exeter’s chances of progressing up the rankings for inter-university BUCS competition.


BUCS Video Analysis

The concept behind the project is to purchase video capturing equipment and analysis software which clubs can use during their home fixtures. This is something that the 1st team Rugby have found particularly useful and their Director of Rugby claims that as a coaching tool video analysis is invaluable not only for team tactics but for individuals development within their chosen sport. The video equipment shall also be used during Sporting Stars Education Days (a current annual fund project) to film seminars and made them available to students.



Robogals is an international, not for profit, student-run organisation that aims to increase female participation in Engineering, Science and Technology through fun and educational initiatives aimed at girls in Primary and Secondary Schools. Robogals holds workshops at Primary and Secondary schools to raise awareness of the attainability of females in Engineering, Science and Technology careers. These workshops includes careers information and fun activities that gets the girls interested in these fields.


Explaining the Vote: The University of Exeter Exit Poll 2015

This is a cross-campus project involving staff and students from Exeter and Cornwall. Under the supervision of the module leaders, students in Quantitative Methods in Social Sciences and Campaigns, Media and Elections, as well as other interested students in History and Politics in Cornwall, will be invited to work on the development and administration of a short survey to be asked as part of a 2015 exit poll in the constituencies of Exeter and Camborne and Redruth.


Debating Society Speakers and IV Budget

Every Friday evening we hold hugely popular debates often on very controversial topics such as Gun Control and World War One, with external speakers that in the past have included characters such as Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins. Through the regular debates that attract a wide variety of students from many different disciplines, we encourage people to challenge popular discourse and their own predetermined views by hearing all points of view, and giving them a chance to scrutinise the different arguments. We also regularly send teams of debaters to Inter-Varsity competitions (IVs) nationwide where they debate competitively with university students from all around the country. During Monday night workshops, we develop the debating skills of our members (many of whom haven’t debating before coming to university) through tutoring and simulated debates, before giving them a chance, if they wish, to put their skills to the test in a competitive IV debate.

 ProjectDescriptionAmount awarded 
Badminton Feeding Machine and Coach Support The University Badminton Club attracts over 200 members per year and provides opportunities for students to compete, develop their skills and be part of a team. The money granted will be used to purchase a badminton Knight trainer and allow students access to more coaching opportunities.

It will give us the opportunity to increase the quantity and quality of coaching received by the University High Performance Players and squad members. This will help to establish the University of Exeter as one of the top 10 institutions in the UK for badminton.

Choral Society perform 'The Healer' at Carnegie Hall The Choral Society is one of the larges societies in ExTunes and the largest unauditioned choir on campus. The funds received will be used to arrange for travel and accommodation in New York to perform in Carnegie Hall.  £5,000
Dirty Decadence - Theatre with Teeth We are Theatre With Teeth Theatre Company and Dirty Decadence is our show that will debut at the Edinburgh Fringe 2014. Dirty Decadence is a modern ballet that indulges the idea of pleasure taking over logic. The Annual Fund money will help fund our performance at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival (one of the top drama festivals in the country).  £500
Engineering Student Projects Hub The aim of building an “Engineering Student Projects Hub” is to provide a central database for engineering students to help and support with their engineering projects.  £5,000
Exeter Mature Students' Society The purpose of the project is to develop the community of Mature Students at Exeter which will provide opportunities for its members to meet other mature students across the University, ensuring that mature students have a society that appeals to and caters to their specific needs and issues.  £2,500
Exeposé App Exeposé is an independent student newspaper. The purpose of the funding is to develop and create an innovative app which will significantly expand current Exeposé readership, by offering a new, easily accessible platform that is readily available.  £5,000
From a Cornish Window: Individual, Landscape, Community ‘From a Cornish Window: Individual, Landscape, Community’ is a mini-festival which is part of the national initiative ‘Being Human: A Festival of the Humanities’. It will be a multi-platform festival which will take place between the 15th and 23rd November 2014 at our partner institution, the Royal Cornwall Museum (RCM). Funding will enable us to extend the impact of the mini-festival to include employability and outreach dimensions, thus creating a legacy for our undergraduate students and for the local community. Concretely, we would like to extend our festival theme - the relationship between identity and place - through a series of undergraduate-led workshops in local schools and sixth forms.  £1,467.96
Get Rowing - New Blades The University of Exeter Boat Club (EUBC) is able to cater for people that want to try rowing at all levels; from complete beginners, to those looking to trial for the GB squad and compete internationally. This year funding will be used to build on the club's current successes and purchase new sets of blades for the boat club and enable greater participation and enhanced experience.  £5,000
Green Connections: Environmental Response and the Arts Green Connections: Environmental Response and the Arts is a one-day symposium for South West postgraduates researching in the humanities with an environmental focus. The project aims enhance the University’s ‘Environment and Sustainability’ Humanities research strategy and enrich opportunities for postgraduate researchers within a range of departments and colleges at the University. £400
How the West was won (Political Film Documentary) The aim of the project is to enable students to finance and run a documentary film of the 2015 general election in Cornwall. £9,000
IGNITE 2014-15 IGNITE is the student entrepreneur support unit. The aim of the project is to support budding entrepreneurs in order to gain experience and try out their ideas. This year funding will be used to extend the reach and quality of resources, training and education to student entrepreneurs. £15,000
Increasing Participation in Table Tennis The Table Tennis Club offers informal coaching and a warm, friendly atmosphere for beginners whilst also providing competitions to encourage improvement and showcase ability. The fund will be spent on four new tables, to expand the club, maintain a professional standard of equipment and to increase rankings in the BUCS League Table. £1,850
Internationalising the PGR Experience in Arab and Islamic Studies The purpose of the project is to establish an annual Post-Graduate Research exchange and seminar between Exeter’s Institute of Arab and Islamic Studies and the Middle East Studies Center at Brown University. £5,000
New Firefly Dinghies The University of Exeter Sailing Club's sailing programme has grown to enjoy success on a national level in recent years. The money from the annual fund will be put towards buying the new boats £12,000
Open source technology - a vehicle for promoting the understanding of marine science. Open source technology is a project that integrates undergraduate students in science education and community outreach. The proposed project will develop undergraduate-student led projects that exploit recent advances in open-source technology to promote understanding of marine habitats in the local community. £3,850
Replacement of Volleyball Net Systems The Volleyball Club runs sessions as part of the International Sports Month series to entice International Students into sport at Exeter. The fund will be spent on additional nets which will provide a quality volleyball experience and increase student membership. £2,912.99
Secure Storage for Archery Equipment at Duckes Meadow The Exeter University Archery Club (EUAC) is one of over 50 clubs which are part of the Exeter University Athletics Union, and one which can certainly claim to offer some of the more unique experiences in the students’ university life.

The money granted will be invested in new, 10ft shipping container which will provide accessible and secure storage in a safe environment.

Series for Economic Exploration (SEE Talks) The Series for Economic Exploration (SEE Talks)is a new series of talks intended to inspire students about modern day macro-economic issues.

The funding will allow us to increase student involvement with economics, accessible to all disciplines, and bringing in notable speakers to the University

Societies Storage for the Student Guild The University’s societies cover a wide range of activities enabling students to get fully involved with university life. The money granted will allow us to buy the storage cupboards which are intended for over 40 societies, with over 4,500 unique student memberships. £3,400
Summer Adventures 2014 A two week camp on campus for young carers in the local area. The funding will enable elements of the camp to be subsidised so that we can provide accommodation for the young carers, as well as provide a range of activities which gives the children the best experience possible. £5,000
The Undergraduate Academic Journal The Undergraduate is the University’s first interdisciplinary academic journal for undergraduates publishing essays twice per academic.
Funding will enable us to cover the journal’s printing costs for the next academic year.
Voice Office Refurbishment Voice is a confidential listening and information service run by students for students at the University of Exeter. Funding will enable us to purchase necessary furniture to ensure that the students have the space to talk through whatever is on their mind and that the volunteers have a comfortable working environment. £700
Working with students to develop a new poster campaign to promote safe alcohol consumption To promote safer alcohol consumption at the University of Exeter and address the health and social issues associated with excessive alcohol consumption. £3,900
XTV ON HD & 24/7 Broadcasting XTV is Exeter University's student Film and TV station. The purpose of the funding is to switch to High Definition (HD) broadcasts and recordings, greatly increasing the quality and student opportunities associated with XTV recordings and live broadcasts.

XTV are also planning to introduce the 24/7 scheduling & broadcasting – something that would be a first and sector-leading for Student Media and student-led University TV in the UK.

 ProjectDescriptionAmount awarded 
New Rowing Boat  To buy a new Stampfli double rowing boat for the Boat Club, to build on the club's current successes  £5,000
Golf Practice and Coaching Area  To provide the University and community with an affordable and far more accessible golf practice area  £5,000
Exeter University Canoe Club  To extend the kit as needed to allow more members to participate in the activities on offer  £1,642
Sports Science Tennis and Student High Performance Placement/project  To improve the Sport Science support given to student tennis players  £1,000
Windsurfing Kit  To invest in new kit to allow the members to progress and develop their skills  £3,087
Electronic Scoreboard for Rugby Pitch  As part of a project to upgrade the rugby pitches to a level suitable to the high standard of play, an electronic scoreboard will be added  £5,000
Sustainable Surf  Providing equipment and setting up a lifeguard training programme for future generations of the club  £1,510
WaterWell  An innovative digital governance platform designed to harness the global explosion in information transparency and achieve equitable water use  £5,000
The Babel of Business Supporting students to find out more about the research that underpins their teaching, working as investigative journalists and communicating complex information to non-specialist audiences £4,890
Formula Student Year 2 After competing very successfully last year, this year we will be investing in equipment to give Exeter a chance to improve in the future £5,000
Co-creating Evolutionary Art This project will develop a tool to allow Computer Science students to generate art using Evolutionary Algorithms £746
JUST- Journal of Undergraduate Science and Technology To create and sustain an online journal showcasing the best undergraduate work as students conduct research throughout their degrees £5,000
Outreach for Conservation: A butterfly book for butterfly conservation To engender a respect and passion for conservation amongst primary aged children and above, by writing, illustrating and trialling a children's book on butterfly conservation £2,000
Investigating Virtual Curation via the Creation of Innovative Interactive Museum Displays Bringing together students from both Universities at the Penryn campus to design and create interactive display cabinets for the Natural History Collection £4,950
Graduate Intern- Engagement & Research Advisor An opportunity to focus on driving student engagement and gathering research from students studying at the Penryn campus £5,000
Launching "LAUNCH" A competency framework to help students articulate the competencies gained through volunteering or working £2,000
The Witness Politics Journal  Student-run political journal looking to increase the distribution, and number of issues published each year, to launch a website and to include contributions from professionals in the Alumni community  £1,500
XTV To upgrade the equipment for XTV, enabling it to continue to offer members a wide range of opportunities £1,357
Every Student Volunteers Expanding and maintaining the Guild's portfolio of discipline-based volunteering opportunities for students, which have proved very popular and beneficial £15,000
Diversity Month 2014 An annual celebration incorporating performances, competitions, debates, quizzes and fairs £5,000
Love at the Lemmy A community project run by the Evangelical Christian Union, offering practical support to students as they leave the Lemmy on Saturdays £1,000
Series for Economic Exploration A series of talks to increase student involvement with economics, accessible to all disciplines, and bringing in notable speakers to the University £3,000
The Long Goodbye- A Multi-Media Installation commemorating the Great War A large-scale installation of love letters to those who left their homes to serve in the Great War, for the centenary of the War's beginning in August £5,000
Tandem Language Exchange A student-run language exchange, supporting students to find a Tandem partner to meet with and practice each other's language £1,600
Study Abroad Photography and Blog Competitions Following a successful trial of Photography and blog competitions in Humanities, we will roll these out across the University, including students in Summer Schools and other placements abroad £3,001
Exeter Postgraduate Medical Conference Interdisciplinary conference providing opportunities for students to share their research with other Medical Humanities scholars £4,500
Exetera Magazine Founded as an independent alternative to existing student publications, with a focus on high quality writing and innovative design. A themed edition is published each term £2,000
Politics Internship Programme and China Law Internship Seeking to place students in the heart of Politics and International Law, allowing them to gain valuable work experience £5,000
Science Communication: Short-Film "Festival" and Competition Training students in the important skill of communicating science in a way accessible to the general public by creating a short film. £6,630
The University of Exeter Scientific Expedition Fund To underpin the fledgling Expedition Society, supporting students to run highly successful scientific research expeditions from the Penryn campus £15,000
Not just the usual suspects… A project to encourage more students to participate in the exciting Students as Change Agents initiative, not only those who are already engaged £3,095
Students' Guild Research Fellows To engage post-graduate researchers in student representation, by utilizing their research skills to drive student-led improvements. £1,500
Student Parent Support Group To support new activity and broaden the reach of the only pastoral support currently available to student parents. £5,000
Lacrosse Wall Construction of a Lacrosse wall in the Sports Park suitable for practicing passing and shooting at high intensity £5,000
University of Exeter Fencing Club- Equipment Investment in stocking and replacing equipment for the club - essential to continue to compete nationally. £2,082
University of Exeter Athletic Union- First Aid To provide specific "pitch-side" First Aid training to members in teams as an addition to the current provision of First Aid equipment. £5,000
Rugby posts for rubber crumb pitch To purchase a set of rugby posts for the rubber crumb pitch, which currently only has posts at one end £2,500
Equipment for Athlete Development Centre To enhance the training provision in the Athletic Development Centre. £4,166
Chapel Choir Scholarships Providing scholarships for 16 members of the choir £5,000
Film Practical Skills workshop Film students will be set the challenge of scripting, shooting and producing a film in just 48 hours. £945
Post Graduate Student Conference Organised by students, for students, this two-day event offers a unique opportunity to bring together up to 300 students to develop presentation, interpersonal and self management skills. £3,150
Dirt Pie Press- Enhancing student involvement and role Dirt Pie Press, based in the Dept of English, is a not-for-profit small publisher set up in 2007 by two creative writing students. This funding will allow a more focussed training scheme to be developed for the team of student volunteers who help with the entire process of publishing material. £1,080
Career support for Sports Scholars Workshops to help student-athletes identify their unique skills and selling points, and articulate them and promote themselves to future employers £2,250
Term 3 Student Sports Events To run one-off events in a variety of sports at a reduced fee in term 3 to give students more opportunities to get involved in sports informally. £5,000
Get into Golf Exeter Golf coaching to beginners and newcomers to the sport, with a particular focus on women's and international groups. £3,400
Work Placement Bursary for MA Conflict, Security and Development To provide quality, bespoke work placements to students at international and local organisations, enabling them to gain jobs within the sector. £5,000
Project Global Brigade- Ghana Micro Finance Providing rural communities in Ghana a community banking system, with access to loans, financial literacy programs and education £5,000
 ProjectDescriptionAmount awarded 
Teaching Awards Sector-leading initiative to promote and celebrate exceptional teaching at the University, by presenting awards in 11 categories to staff nominated by students. £5000
Freshers Week Activities To enhance Freshers' activities during the first week of term when only Exeter students are on the Falmouth campus. £5000
Wellbeing Interventions- Embedding Innovation Introduction of psychological therapies to treat mental health problems at the Wellbeing Service, including interpersonal therapy, mindfulness skills and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy £4700
Student SID Express A pilot project to employ students to provide a peer to peer, enquiry resolution express service at the Student Information Desk £10000
A Toolkit for student wellbeing Introduction of a stepped care model at the Wellbeing services, to increase capacity, and broaden the range of interventions available, in response to increased demand £9370
Sports Volunteering Scheme To expand the SVS scheme, giving more students the opportunity to coach a sport of their choice to children in local schools, and part-funding NGB recognised coaching qualifications £15000
UoE Student Athlete Portal To improve communication between student-athletes and the many different service providers involved with the University’s  Sports Scholarship and High Performance Programme. £4200
Defibrillator and Trainer Machine To purchase a Heartstart Defibrillator and associated Heartstart trainer machine to be situated at St Luke’s Sports Centre £1900
Multi Sports Games Area To utilise a large tarmac area at the Sports Park by line marking the area, converting it into a four-lane 60m running straight, a basketball court and some fitness/circuits exercises. £1500
Lafrowda Tennis Courts To add basketball court marking to the newly refurbished tennis court at Lafrowda £500
Integrated Field Geology- the iGeology project To provide digital teaching resources to support the work carried out during geology field trips, allowing reflection and self-study, consolidating the learning in the field £4800
Tremough Work placement bursary fund Support renewable energy students from low socio-economic backgrounds to take unpaid summer placements, as part of their degree, when they would otherwise work to earn money, and build links with local organisations £4800
Shell Eco-Marathon Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Car For a team of 25 students to design, build and compete a single-seat Hydrogen Fuel-Cell Electric Car in the European Shell Eco-Marathon Challenge, including project management, fundraising etc. £15000
Developing role-models for girls in Physics Supporting Charismatic female Physics undergraduates to visit schools in the South West to present to students making their A-level choices, improving their public speaking skills, and inspiring the students to consider Physics £4218
Display of Historic Physics Equipment Display of historic physics equipment to give insight into physics undertaken in the department from 1960 onwards, preserving equipment that came to light during the refurbishment. £3526
Constructing wind turbines by 4th yr Meng students: a practical workshop To fund an intensive, industry inspired practical workshop, in which MEng students can design and construct a wind turbine, to increase the practical element of the course. £15000
Wellbeing Centre Garden To create a relaxing garden space that communicates the mission of the service inside, and can be used to promote and enhance wellbeing, and offer hospitality to visitors £2790
19th European Meeting of PhD Students in Evolutionary Biology

To host the largest student-organised biology conference in Europe, at our Cornwall Campus, bringing together young scientists from across Europe to present and discuss their research. £2000
International Genetically Engineered Machine iGEM competition An international undergraduate synthetic biology competition where student teams are given a kit of biological parts from MIT to design new biological systems and operate them in living cells. £14775
Taking Science into the Community A series of projects to promote the work of Exeter University to Cornish school children currently excluded from existing outreach programmes, including science workshops, Young Scientist of the year, and Science in the Square £11220
Virtual Lab Assistant To enhance lab work through supporting enhanced preparation before lab classes and by allowing online data analysis and submission. Funding will pay for three summer students to be employed to build the resource. £4800
Tremough Publishing Social Enterprise A social enterprise run by students to publish student work, to encourage creative talent and business skills. £6799
Drama Platform Student performances to serve as showcases to potential employers, and self employment workshops, with the overall aim of creating direct links between 3rd years and potential employers £15000
Creative Futures To create a new guild society that provides employability opportunities, exclusive student discounts and subsidisation of student programming in the Northcott and its local arts partners. £5000
Virtual Law Firms- Social and Commercial Enterprise Projects in the Community To find student projects in social/community justice or commercial enterprise for “virtual law firms”, which recreate the professional environment of a law firm for 1st year students. £2200
Work Placement Video To create an instructional video for international students on how to look for a work placement, providing basic information on CVs and cover letters, approaching employers and professional behaviour £4000
Excel@law  A web portal to support students’ transition between school and University. This funding is for an intern/GBP to act as media technician, enabling the project to expand and develop £4500
Campus Cinema Projector The society needs to replace their 35mm projector, as due to the move to digital prints, it is becoming harder to source films in the old format. £5000
Summer Adventures 2013 A two week camp on campus for young carers in the local area, first a day camp for children aged 8-11, then a residential camp for children aged 11-14. (Please see a news story on Summer Adventures 2011) £3000
Guild Awards A  new event to recognise the outstanding achievements of students at the University, on a wider basis than the previous “Annual Celebration of Volunteering” £5000
Arts Week A festival to celebrate the numerous artistic-based societies within the student community, and to showcase the best art, music, drama and photography from the student community £5000
Ignite- Shell companies and Launchpad A new support service at the Students’ Guild to extend resources, training and education to student entrepreneurs, including 2 shell companies, and a series of workshops. £5000
CA's International project to Ghana 2013 with Kickstart Ghana Giving students the opportunity to spend a Summer working with children and the local community in Ho, Ghana, helping children develop through sport and education. £1000
M&D room technical Refurbishment To bring the M&D room Technical Facilities up to date. The equipment is currently 20-30yrs old, and this is part of a long term project to improve it. £5000
Theatre with Teeth Edinburgh Production Theatre With Teeth will be producing a show to take up to the ‘Edinburgh Fringe Festival’, auditioning for directors, producers, actors, technicians and more, for the opportunity to work in a professional theatre environment. £4608
Action after Stroke Provides stroke survivors with the opportunity to exercise in a safe and friendly environment and to socialise with other individuals that have had similar experiences, assisted by student volunteers £15000
Exeter Oral History Hub Establish an Exeter Oral History Hub for Undergraduate and Postgraduate students that will act as a catalyst to promote interaction between students across a variety of disciplines who are developing interest in oral history £3705
 ProjectDescriptionAmount awarded 
Student Peer Coaching Networks Support to encourage second year undergraduate students and PhD students to meet on a regular basis to provide training and skills development.  £6,100
Exeter Care Homes Reading Project Funding that will link Exeter University English students with a number of Care Homes in the local community to develop a reading scheme.  £7,530
Law in Transition – From Legal Studies to Legal Practice Funding to support the post of a qualified supervisor for the Community Legal Helpdesk, a student outreach project based at Exeter County Court.  £15,000
Every Student Volunteers - Discipline based community volunteering This project will provide funding to support one discipline based volunteering project per College that will benefit up to 50 students per project.  £10,000
Cornwall Campus Central Career and Employability Fund: Enhancing Student/Business/Recruiter Interaction Funding will be provided to develop parity of recruitment and employability opportunities available for Cornwall students.  £4,500
International Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM) Competition The objective of this project is to enable the University to enter its inaugural undergraduate team into the iGEM competition in 2012. iGEM is an international synthetic biology competition where multidisciplinary student teams are given a kit of biological parts with the aim of designing  new biological systems and operate them in living cells.  £4,925
First Steps in Publishing Funding will provide support to allow students the opportunity to gain valuable insight into a career in Publishing. With the aim to equip students with the skills needed to successfully secure their first role in the sector.    £3,000
The Work Placements in the Life and Environmental Sciences Programme Funding to provide travel bursaries to enable Biosciences and Geography students at Tremough to take up work placement opportunities.  £3,000
Coach Education Fund Funding for this project will enable the Sports Park to help subsidise National Governing Body coaching qualifications in sports for all students at the University of Exeter.  £15,000
Adding to Academic Excellence: Grand Challenges Support for this project will be used to fund a number of activities at the end of the academic year that will engage students and encourage them to take part in unique, dynamic, exciting and research-intensive experiences.  £5,000
First Class Acts: Exemplary academic writing skills project  Funding to provide students in Management Discipline with the opportunity to submit their work for publication in a professionally produced university journal.  £1,200
Ghana International Project Support for this project will allow up to 10 students to visit Ghana to work with both a local school and the local community, teaching both academic subjects and sports. £1,000
Student Entrepreneur in Residence (SEiR) initiative Support to expand and secure the future of the Student Entrepreneur in Residence initiative. An initiative involving the Guild working in collaboration with EGD and the Innovation Centre to join up current activity on campus designed to support student enterprise and entrepreneurial activity.  £5,000
Exploring Computer Science Through Interaction Funding will enhance the engagement of students with Computer Science by increasing their knowledge and understanding of the subject in addition to what is offered at Exeter. Aimed at current students, and those from the wider community, the project will provide the department of Computer Science with a set of resources that will make the subject, particularly Artificial Intelligence, accessible to a much wider audience.  £2,500
Formula Student Funding to support a Engineering students to take part in the Formula Student Competition, an engineering industry standard project that requires engineering students to design and manufacture a single seater race car.  £5,000
Healthy Halls Programme Funding will provide a range of activities, talks, seminars, and educational sessions to encourage all students in halls to be active and healthy. The sessions will include; nutrition advice workshops, cooking workshops, personal safety sessions and courses, demonstrations and activities. The activities will include; campus and city walks exploring the Exeter area, running groups from halls, fitness classes, health testing days and sports sessions for the specific halls.  £10,000
Access to Internships - Pilot Scheme Funding to allow student’s access to Internships support will provide funding and training to help selected students or graduates to access paid internships/placements.  £10,000
Engineering student projects (Industrial Links Database + Evaluation/Feedback) The aim of the project is to improve the student experience of ‘engineering student projects’ by establishing an ‘Industrial Links Database in addition to setting up an online evaluation and feedback interface between project supervisors and student’s.  £3,000
Touching the Past - Archaeological field school in Roman Devon As a collaborative venture between the departments of Archaeology, Classics and Ancient History funds will enable and enhance the experience students involved in the planned excavation and post-excavation of a newly identified Roman site. Funding will support the creation of a digital archive to be used in undergraduate teaching and public outreach.  £14,976
  Funding to support the annual Teaching Awards. The Awards are a vital part of the University community; ensuring that staff from all departments, campuses and roles get a chance to be recognised by the students they support.  £5,000
School Business Enterprise Scheme and Work Experience Development Funding will create work experience opportunities for Exeter students in partnership with Exeter City Football Club and local schools. £14,895
University of Exeter Sporting Stars Education Days Funding will allow the School of Sport and Health Sciences and the Athletic Union to host educational delivery events to local primary and secondary school children, based around the theme of sport. £15,000
Beating the Blues – self-help support for students with mental health difficulties Funding to support a self-help computer programme to support students who are struggling with stress, anxiety and depression. £5,000
Volunteering in Cornwall Funding will provide support to continue the work of the ‘Volunteering in Cornwall’ project, to encourage History students on the Cornwall Campus to engage in the voluntary sector, nationally and internationally. £7,656
Five Ways to Wellbeing This project seeks to apply the “Five Ways to Wellbeing” throughout the University as a series of well-spaced student-led campaigns across all campuses to encourage students to think positively about their mental health. £3,780
The Medieval Exeter Hub Funding will help establish an Exeter Medieval Hub for Undergraduate students that will act as a catalyst to promote interaction between Undergraduates in a wide variety of disciplines with a passion for all things medieval. £4,403
Art Society equipment Funding has been provided to allow the Art Society to purchase equipment, including an etching press for the Art Studio in Queens. £4,000
Politics, History and the Challenge of Climate Change This project will use funds to enable SSIS & the College of Humanities to invite speakers from campaigning organisations involved in the politics of climate change to talk to students taking relevant modules within the humanities and social sciences. £3,200
Film Practical Skills Workshop 18 Film students will be taught and coached how to use filming equipment and film software, with the aim of allowing each group to act as a ‘film unit’ that produces a short film centred on an object taken from the Bill Douglas Centre’s film history collection. £640.08
Footlights Funding to support the production of ‘A Little Night Music’ at Reed Hall. £1,000
BeeSoc Hive Funding to support the design and construction of a unique, state of the art, high-technology hide containing 2 observation hives. £5,000