"University of Exeter" branded sports bottles.

Undergraduate students compete in Exeter Apprentice competition

Innov8 are a group of three undergraduate Exeter students competing in the University of Exeter, Exeter Apprentice competition, where participating teams are given a risk-free cash grant, and must use it to realize a profitable business idea within only one month.

Innov8 decided to sell “University of Exeter”-branded sports bottles.  They are 750ml sports bottles, with sturdy translucent plastic bodies, blue one-way valve caps, and the current “University of Exeter” logo printed vertically across the shaft.

The team, made up of Kevin Gibney, Gary Bleasdale and Kathy Gromotka,  started on the 24th of January and within 4 days  already had the bottles designed, manufactured, printed and university endorsed. Orders keep flying in and the team would love to offer the new product to Exeter alumni.

10% of profits made will go to DecAid, a charity set up by an Exeter Student to support Afghanistan war veterans, and 10% will also be going the Entrepreneurs’ society at the Student Guild. Team member Kevin Gibney said; “It is the perfect opportunity for you to support entrepreneurial activity, which is one of the factors that differentiate Exeter from other universities.”

The 750ml sports bottles cost £4.99 including postage and packaging. If you are interested in purchasing one please email Kevin on kg266@exeter.ac.uk for further details.

Date: 15 February 2011

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