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Bespoke online journal access available to alumni from October

New online journals available to Exeter alumni from October

Following a successful pilot project in 2010-11, and based on strong demand from alumni, the University is delighted to announce that we will be providing access to select online journals to alumni from October.

This is a feature which has only recently come available; previously, online journal databases would not allow alumni to access their resources. However, in response to demand from universities and their alumni, a number of online journal services are now starting to offer bespoke alumni access packages.  The University of Exeter is delighted to announce that, with support from the Annual Fund (which is supported by donations from alumni) we can now offer access to Business Source Alumni Edition (which includes more than 3200 journals), as well as JSTOR Alumni (which includes approximately 2,000 academic journals).

Many of you took advantage of the pilot programme which ran during the last academic year, and you gave us some very helpful feedback about journal access.  Most of you asked for a wider range of journals, and we hope that the JSTOR service will provide that.  You also asked for clearer instructions for using the journals.  We’ve updated the journal access page of our website to provide better instructions.  Lastly, you provided a lot of feedback about how useful this service would be for alumni, which was vital in securing funding for this project.  Thank you to everyone who used the journals and provided feedback. 

Access is via Exonline. Join or sign in to Exonline for details, and follow the link from the Exonline homepage.

If you have any questions about the service, or have any suggestions for how to improve it, please email

Date: 12 August 2011

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