Daniel Cranfield

Tired of Sex is now available to purchase

Exeter graduate publishes his debut novel in the United States

Daniel L. Camfield, 26, graduated from Exeter with a BA in Theology w/ Business Studies and an MSc in International Management.  His novel, Tired of Sex, is a snapshot of the modern generation following a year in the life of Mark, an American studying in England. 

In a world of privilege and seemingly endless opportunity, life seems stuck on fast-forward.  Mark will soon have a fast-tracked career to complement the wealth he has inherited…and he is doing his best to throw it all away.  His final year of university in England is a cycle of self-destruction, a never-ending night of parties, wealth, and casual sex.  His family in America has forgotten him.  His friends sleep around, deal drugs, and waste time getting wasted.  Mark tries to forget the ghosts of his past by hiding himself in the beds of strangers, until the idea of ‘falling in love’ becomes an addiction.  His life becomes a dizzying spiral of desperation as he looks for answers in all the wrong places.  The harder he searches for meaning, the more horror he sees and commits.  Things grow more dangerous and before long Mark is not only harming himself, but those around him. 

Exploring the confusion and frustration of youth, Tired of Sex has slowly been gaining traction in the United States.  It is currently available for purchase online at Amazon and WHSmith.

Date: 10 September 2011

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