The book is Nick's way of spreading the word that little changes can have a big impact.

52 weeks stepping out of the comfort zone

Alumnus Nick J. Thorpe wages war on the boredom of modern life

Have you ever wanted to get out of your routine, switch off the TV and disconnect from social media for a while? That feeling is exactly what drove Nick (Geography 2004) to his resolution: to try something new and spice up his life. In his new book 52 New Things, he reflects on what he has done to get out of his comfort zone and explores weird and wonderful things he wouldn’t normally do, every week for a year.

Despite living in the most connected, diverse and exciting period in human history, Nick realised that for an entire year he hadn’t stepped out of his comfort zone and routine. Eventually, the frustration and boredom of modern life became too much to bear. Week by week, he made the effort to try something new, starting with small innocuous changes, but soon things ramped up and before he knew it, he was getting tattoos, walking over broken glass and attending African dance classes.

What started as a vow to himself became a life-affirming journey. The book is his way of spreading the word that little changes can have a big impact. “I’m proud that 52 New Things continues to inspire people to turn off the TV and take small, easy steps to change their life for the better,” Nick says.

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52 New Things has recently been published by Crown House Publishing and is available at several online retailers.

Date: 29 January 2015

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