Transforming Mental Healthcare Services in Hong Kong and Water in Asia kick off Global Conversation in Hong Kong

Global Conversation: Exeter academics lead the way on world issues

Global Conversation, a new programme of world lectures from some of Exeter's pioneering academics, launches in Hong Kong. 

Showcasing some of the latest developments in world-leading research, Global Conversation shows how the University, working in collaboration with its partners across the world, is having an impact on many of the shared global challenges we face. 

The first two events in the series are focusing on mental health and water – both key issues in Hong Kong and the rest of the world. Guests include academics and policy-makers who are key experts in the relevant fields.

Launching Global Conversation, Vice- Chancellor and Chief Executive Professor Sir Steve Smith said:

‘We want to share our thinking and our world-leading research, to open up discussion and debate around these issues. By stimulating conversation between our academics and other leading experts in their fields, we can make a positive contribution to our collective global understanding of issues which affect us all.’

In the first Global Conversation, Transforming Mental Healthcare Services in Hong Kong. Professor Eugene Mullan and Professor Ed Watkins will show how Exeter’s partnership with The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) is helping to train tomorrow's healthcare leaders in Hong Kong. Through the CEDAR Programme, a suite of training and education options ranging from undergraduate through to doctorate level degrees has been developed which could transform the treatment of mental health in Hong Kong.

The second Global Conversation Water in Asia: Threats and opportunities for Health and Wellbeing features two fascinating presentations. In ‘Environment, Human Health and Water’ Professor Mike Depledge, Chair of Environment and Human Health at the University of Exeter Medical School, will look at how environmental change impacts our health and wellbeing, and how ‘blue spaces’ – lakes, rivers, and the sea - can promote health.  In ‘Water and World Security’ Professor Dragan Savic  will talk about the Water-Food-Energy Nexus (the interconnections between water, food and energy) and its implications for national security. Prof Savic is the founder and co-director of the Centre for Water Systems, an internationally recognised group for excellence in water and environmental science research.

Professor Sir Steve Smith added ‘Our ability to find solutions to world challenges – for example, disease, climate change, aging or security – will only come about by research intensive universities working together with partners wherever the best minds – and resources –  reside.  There is no one country, or university, that has the intellectual and financial resource to go it alone.  So these events are not only a window on what Exeter’s scientists do, but show how they work with their counterparts, whether they are fellow academics or policy-makers, to tackle shared problems together. Crucially, these challenges are applicable to any part of the world‘

Further Global Conversation events will take place later in 2015 in New York and San Francisco. 

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Date: 19 March 2015

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