From left to right – Phil Cameron, Benjamin Smeeton , Sam Belete, Benjamin Norton.

Exeter Alumni receive funding for innovative service

Three graduates from the University of Exeter have received funding for their new and innovative online medical revision service.

Ben Smeeton, Ben Norton and Sam Belete, who graduated from the Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry in 2015, created the service, which offers bespoke high-quality video lectures, revision notes, and applied self-assessments to medical undergraduates.

To date, Pulsenotes has received grants from both the University’s Innovation Centre and the Ignite  scheme as part of the University of Exeter’s support for new and developing businesses. The budding initiative was named the University of Exeter’s Graduate Business of the Year at the SETsquared Student Enterprise Awards.

Ben Smeeton, Co-Director of Pulsenotes said:  “Sam, Ben and I have a shared ambition to simplify medical education and we know that Pulsenotes will offer a fresh approach to undergraduate learning.”

Already, Phil Cameron, Founder and CEO of the award-winning airport lounge operator No1 Lounges, has shown his support for the young entrepreneurs, with a capital investment of £40,000.

Mr Cameron said: “I struggled to get the funding and advice I needed to start and grow a successful business. It took No1 six years to get any backing from the bank and the support now offered from Exeter and other universities is outstanding. It’s inspiring to meet such great young talent. Having experienced first-hand the hurdles young entrepreneurs face, I’m delighted I can support such quality start-ups like Pulsenotes and innovators like Ben, Ben and Sam.”   

Ben Smeeton added: “We’re extremely grateful to have Phil’s backing and have already benefited hugely from his expertise. We hope this will be the beginning of a long and successful partnership.”

The entrepreneurs, who are now junior doctors in London, have two services for potential users. Pulsenotes has a free and premium package, with all notes free to use.

Pulsenotes is offering an introductory offer of £30 for an annual subscription and a free trial to the premium service.

Date: 21 January 2016

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