Thank you from all of us at the University

1,950 Thank You’s

In the past year alone, more than 1,950 alumni donors have made a gift to support more than 60 projects. 74 student telethon callers have been able to develop their skills and expertise whilst gaining huge amounts of careers and course advice from alumni during our two campaigns.

You can read more below on just how your support has benefitted Post Graduate Researchers in drama at Exeter.

With support from the Annual Fund, the Drama Department held their first annual ‘Audience, Experience, Desire’ Conference. The two-day event focused on interactive and participatory theatre and brought well regarded experts in the subject to Exeter. Among these were keynote speaker Josephine Machon, a key academic speaker at the top of her field, and popular artist Tassos Stevens, who contributed performance work, as well as presenting at the conference. Their contributions were a major draw, attracting delegates from across the UK, Europe, the USA and India.

The conference aimed at early career researchers and post graduate researchers provided an opportunity for people at the start of their careers to exchange research and learn from each other, while building up their reputations as experts in their field.

Following the success of this year’s conference, PhD Drama researchers plan to hold a future PGR Conference in Exeter in 2017.

Date: 10 June 2016

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