One Planet MBA Bursary

Trevor and Dominica Yang One Planet MBA Bursary

Prior to starting her studies, Erin worked as a Fraud Investigator in China and began saving for her MBA. Through the generous support of Trevor and Dominica Yang, Erin has been able to travel from her home in Shenzhen, China to Exeter and can concentrate on her studies without any financial concerns.

Erin is the first recipient of the Trevor and Dominica Yang One Planet MBA Bursary at the University of Exeter Business School. Established in 2015, the Bursary stems from Trevor and Dominica’s interest in the protection of the world’s natural environment, and the need to foster talent in this field in Hong Kong and mainland China. Trevor and Dominica have supported philanthropic causes globally for many years. Through their generosity, a further four MBA students at Exeter will benefit from their support over the next four years. 

Erin was excited by the MBA’s core idea around ‘sustainability’and ‘change for good’, and she hopes to be able to take the skills she has learnt to develop more sustainable ways of working in the business world, helping to protect the planet. 

During the summer Erin hopes to undertake international volunteer work whilst completing her dissertation.

Following her graduation, Erin would like to work for an NGO, such as the Red Cross, WWF or Greenpeace, and hopes by working for them, she can learn more about crisis management, sustainable economics and environment protection.

“The Trevor and Dominica Yang One Planet MBA Bursary has been a life-changing opportunity, I shall never forget their generosity.  I feel that I will be better placed to become a leader inspiring innovation and change to make the banking sector more sustainable and socially responsible”.

Erin Ma, Trevor & Dominica Yang One Planet MBA Bursary recipient

Click here to find out more about the One Planet MBA and to apply for the 2017 Trevor and Dominica Yang One Planet Bursary.

Date: 10 June 2016

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