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Gifts of time and money prove powerful together

Thanks to financial support from The Annual Fund in 2013, The Undergraduate is now established as the University of Exeter’s leading research journal for undergraduates. Alumni volunteers also support Undergraduate Live! lectures on campus.

Published twice per academic year in print and online and distributed for free, the journal showcases the strongest undergraduate research from across the University in each issue.

The Undergraduate has accumulated a number of successes since its launch. Most recently, The Undergraduate’s 14/15 editorial board were selected to present their research and represent the journal for the first time at the British Conference of Undergraduate Research (BCUR).

The Undergraduate Live! lectures enrich the academic experience on campus beyond the print publication itself. Funding has enabled the committee to attract a diverse range of speakers including experts in astrophysics and economics, a former parliamentarian, a lifetime photographer and a contemporary hip hop mc and author.

Here, too, alumni have offered their support. Alumna volunteer Renate Samson (Drama 1998), Chief Executive of Big Brother Watch, returned to campus this spring, talking to a packed session about privacy and the Government’s proposed ‘Snoopers’ Charter’.

For Renate to come and pay us a visit the day before a government white paper was due that she and her organisation had been gearing towards for months, if not years, really shows her commitment to her university. We are hugely appreciative of her time’.

The Undergraduate is now well established, having launched a Crowdfunding campaign this year to secure funding for its coming year. They are aiming to raise £4,000 to be able to distribute their bi-annual journal across all four University campuses. For undergraduate students, seeing their work in print is a memorable and encouraging experience, which is vital to making academia a creative and accessible space. You can see how their campaign is going in its final few days by visiting their Crowdfunding page.

Date: 10 June 2016

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