An Exeter Alumnus and His Daughter, a Current Exeter Student, Publish Book Together

An Exeter alumnus and his daughter, a current Exeter student, publish book together

A University of Exeter physics alumnus has recently published two books, one of which is with his daughter, a current student at Exeter.

Dr Chris Lavers (Physics 1987), is a lecturer in Maritime and Remote Sensing at the Royal Navy’s officer training college. Chris already has 5 books in the Bloomsbury Reeds Engineering, and Introductions’ Series’ with another underway and 9 self-published. Sara-Kate Lavers, his daughter, is currently a third year undergraduate physics student at the University of Exeter, providing insight into a contemporary physics and engineering student’s requirements.

Together their latest publication Reeds Introductions: Physics Wave Concepts for Marine Engineering Applications covers fundamental theoretical maritime physics concepts which underpin electromagnetic wave and sonar principles as developed in most maritime-related courses, whether Naval, Coastguard or Merchant Marine engineering.

As a father and daughter with a shared passion for physics, they have also worked on a question-solutions book to partner the Introductions’ series: Physics Wave Questions for Marine Engineering Applications (http://www.lulu.com). This book provides a comprehensive series of questions with worked solutions and looks at maritime physics and marine engineering principles, providing a firm foundation prior to reading and studying both Reeds’ Engineering and Introductions Series.

Aside from lecturing, Chris is a columnist for Military Technology magazine, and a former columnist for magazine Electronics and Beyond, and has hosted over 25 science-art exhibitions. His work has also led to him appearing on Radio 4’s Material World, and more locally on Radio Devon several times.

For further details contact: Dr Chris Lavers on christopher.lavers@plymouth.ac.uk

Date: 13 March 2017

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