L-R: Vice-Chancellor, Professor Sir Steve Smith; Professor Jason Reifler; David Petts; and Professor Andrew Massey.

Politics of (Mis)Information?

More than 100 alumni and supporters attended a special event at the historic Reform Club in London last week, marking 100 days of Donald Trump’s Presidency.

Beginning with Franklin Roosevelt in 1933, US Presidents have promised to enact significant elements of their agenda within their first 100 days in office, and attendees discussed how effective Trump has been in implementing his agenda within this time.

Professor Jason Reifler, from the University of Exeter, spoke about what his research tells us about the Trump presidency so far. He explored the psychological and sociological factors that affect voter behaviour and analysed who reads fake news and why.

David Petts a Washington DC pollster and political strategist, then spoke about what politics in the US will look like going forward and what the long-term impact of populism could be.

View photographs from the event here.

Date: 5 May 2017

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