Leah Fuller won the first ever Students' Guild Alumni Contribution Award. Photo courtesy of the University of Exeter Students’ Guild.

Students’ Guild rewards its student superstars with a night of glamour

Each year, the Students’ Guild holds its annual gala awards to celebrate and recognise the incredible work and efforts of its student members in helping to create an amazing student experience Exeter. 

A new category for this year’s awards was the Alumni Contribution Award; recognising the group or individual who has made an exceptional effort in the past year to contribute to groups and support others associated with the Guild. Many of the nominations for the award included those who had regularly returned to help former societies or campaigns that had meant a great deal to them during their time at Exeter University.

The very first winner was Leah Fuller, founder and continued supporter of the 'Eating Difficulty Peer Support Group' who scooped up the prize following her constant dedication and passion to help maintain and boost the group that helps to support vulnerable individuals at University.

Leah said: "I am extremely grateful to have been nominated and presented with this award. Exeter is a university which empowers individuals to make change, and quite simply, I am one of many. The Students' Guild was an invaluable part of my three years at university, and I'm proud to be able to leave behind something that will support students for years to come."

This year, the Midsummer Night’s Dream themed evening, which included several ‘live’ trees and other enchanting décor, was a huge success as awards from Best Student Group of the Year to Outstanding Individual Contribution were given to students who truly went above and beyond in their respective projects.

From societies and campaigns to student staff and individual events, the Guild Awards looks at all areas of Student Guild life to reveal the amazing work that people do in addition to their full-time studies. After all the stress and worry surrounding grades, deadlines, funding, organisation and turnout, it was a pleasure to be able to say thank you to our Guild superstars.

Date: 3 July 2017

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