Anna Blackwell

Alumna adventurer tackles Europe’s waterways

Exeter alumna Anna Blackwell (Psychology, 2016) will be putting herself to the test next spring by kayaking across Europe with her friend, Kate Culverwell.

Anna is an adventurer who has already completed a number of challenges, including trekking across the arctic, hiking 100s and 1000s of miles and climbing the highest peak in North Africa, however this will be her first water-based expedition.

The route will take Anna and Kate from England to the Black Sea on a 4000km world-first journey, first paddling across the English Channel and then onward through 13 countries and four capital cities. They are hoping to complete the trip in under four months.

As part of the expedition Anna and Kate are collaborating with FreshWater Watch, an Earthwatch research project investigating the health of global freshwater ecosystems, and will be collecting data for them.

Anna said: “Over the last few years, I've loved pushing myself outside of my comfort zone and exploring some beautiful pockets of the world through the expeditions and adventures I've been on. For 2018, I knew I wanted to take on something bigger and with a great purpose behind it thus, when the opportunity arose to pair up with Kate to take on this world first journey, I didn't hesitate to leap on board.

“I can't wait for the expedition to get underway. We've certainly got our work cut out in the next few months in preparing for the expedition, not to mention paddling across the English Channel on Day one, but I have no doubt that the hard work now will be worth it for the memorable and rewarding days paddling across Europe!”

Anna and Kate will be setting off on their trip in April 2018 and you can follow their progress via their website:

Date: 20 December 2017

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