Alumnus shortlisted as Digital Leader

A start-up founded by Exeter alumnus Luke Loveridge (Biological Sciences, 2008) has been shortlisted for a Digital Leaders award.

Homelync is designed to help social landlords improve energy efficiency and provide better homes. While more and more technology is available to meet environmental and regulatory needs – smart boilers, connected smoke alarms, air quality analysers, water leak detectors and more – there is a slow uptake as costs can be prohibitive and products require the use of tenants’ internet connections. Homelync has created an IoT (Internet of Things) platform that incorporates multiple elements with a user-friendly analytics package that ensures proactive maintenance of properties as well as energy efficiency.

A test partnership with Stirling Council demonstrated that it could generate savings for the council and their tenants while also improving services. This, along with work with Exeter City Council and in London, has led to the nomination for the Digital SME of the Year award.

Luke said: “Social landlords account for 20% of all housing in the UK and house some of the most vulnerable people in our society. Yet these landlords face many challenges including tackling fuel poverty, improving energy efficiency, increasing health and social care costs, and saving money whilst improving services.

“After 10 years working in local government and smart cities, I created Homelync with colleagues to help social landlords address these challenges through joined up real-time monitoring of their assets and machine learning to generate impactful insights.”

You can vote for Homelync in the public vote here: http://www.digileaders100.com/digital-sme

Date: 16 April 2019

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